On November 11, pimples, missing teeth, and greasy hair will be in style. No, it’s not Al Howin, it’s Our Miss Triste’s Day! Created by an adventurer who was excluded from Miss Amakna, Our Miss Triste’s Day pays tribute to all the figurines who weren’t blessed with good looks. The Krosmasters understand!

The obsession with beauty has no limits–it even extends as far as your Krosmaster board, where opposing players pick apart your figurine’s physical appearance, outfits, and equipment with a fine-tooth comb. Making fun of your opponent’s appearance is a pretty unsportsmanlike way to destabilize the enemy... How rude! For example, there was the time Amalia had to leave a battle when her terrible haircut made her the laughing stock of the arena, or the time Buck Anear won a fight and took a hook to his nose, after making fun of the enormous zit on his opponent’s nose.

What if instead of making fun of the unpopular figurines, we celebrated them? For Our Miss Triste’s Day, celebrated every year on November 11, we’re giving you the opportunity to pay tribute to your most imperfect figurines and bring one of them home with you. Because aren’t their little “flaws” part of their charm?

So don’t delay, vote for Miss Triste today! The figurine that players vote the “ugliest” and least appreciated will be named Miss Triste 2015 and will be distributed via a code valid through the weekend of November 21

The six nominees are:

  • Amalia
  • Crocabulia
  • Dragossiper the Nag
  • Clot the Crapulous
  • Katsu Mi
  • Klor Ofil

It’s up to you to vote. May the ugliest figurine win!