Ever since he arrived, he’s been leaving behind him utterly wrecked meeting rooms, with overturned furniture, shattered vases, paper scattered everywhere, and slimy marks all over the walls and floors... On the ground he’s left his signature: banana skins! Not cool... but there is worse than that! He is believed to have fleas! It’s... our new intern!

It’s true that he’s a real hairball. That might not be criteria for selecting somebody but it’s not a reason for excluding somebody either. And then again, there’s not much to choose between him and some of the other specimens here at Ankama...
Oh yes, he’s got a crown as well. Ok, it’s a bit weird... But at best, this is a questionable style, and at worst, he has an oversized ego; and in both cases we should have no reservations over anything but his furry side!
But when he behaves like an animal and it’s hard to hold him back, when he invites himself into our productions in order to spread chaos, it’s getting a bit much!
Don’t believe us?
Watch this first video! You’ll see what he’s capable of!

KING TONGUE, is his name.
Scaring bananas out of their skins is what he’s known for. With his grapnel tongue, he launches himself, swings, then propels himself and boom, hits you right in the face!
That’s why Banana King decided to take charge of things by starting a “Kingstarter “ which will enable him, in exchange for a few likes, to raise a Bananarmy against this fearsome bananavore.
Discover King Tongue‘s page!
And above all, join in the Kingstarter*: the more you like and share, the faster you’ll unlock raging banana armies! Go ! Go ! Go !
*The Kingstarter is completely free!