After Krosmaster Season 3, we will continue our cruise through the islands further with two new products available very soon: the Piwate Island pack and Duel Pack 3!

After venturing into the many islands of the Krosmoz with Krosmaster Season 3, it’s time for us to continue our travel with two new releases for Krosmaster Arena. You have been waiting for these two packs for quite a while, and they finally got close enough from the harbor to name them: the Piwate Island map pack and the Duel Pack 3!

Piwate Island

Piwate Island map pack will allow you to play on a new sandy terrain in the company of a brand new Krosmaster. It contains a thick cardboard double-sided map, with one face reprising Season 3’s competitive map, while the other one is brand new and uses the “raft” mechanic as well. These two maps come with an assortment of cardboard set pieces to complete the experience.

But this pack’s real star is the terrible phantom piwate Le Chouque! This new figure will complete the Piwate family from Season 3, but can naturally be used in any Krosmaster team. Here, take a look:

Piwate Island will be released around November 2015.

Duel Pack 3

The Duel Pack tradition continues with the release of the third one: Justice Knight versus Anathar! These two characters from the Wakfu series will now join the Arena as well. And, this is a first for this series of duel packs, the two protagonists won’t be of equal level!

This packs also comes with an exclusive mini-game, with its own carboard mini-map and shushu cardboard tokens. In this game, Anathar will have to liberate his shushu brethren from their jail, while the Justice Knight is trying to imprison Anathar in these very same jails! And both of them will be able to equip themselves with shushus to get the advantage… This mini-game is compatible with all other Krosmaster figures.

Duel Pack 3 will be released around January 2016.

And after that?

We couldn’t leave you without talking a bit about Krosmaster Quest! You’ve probably seen its trailer and unboxing video, and you now you will finally be able to play with it! After a long wait, Krosmaster Quest is coming to your favorite retailer in the next few weeks, and will still contain its two exclusive figurines, the Royal Tofu and Royal Gobball!

We have prepared a whole bunch of new figures to come after these releases. Some of them are promo figures that will be given during tournaments or special Ankama events around the end of the year. There’s so much we’ve already prepared for 2016 and we’re eager to talk you about them… but you’ll have to wait a bit more until their official unveiling.

Thank you for your attention, and see you soon around a game table!