Hear ye, hear ye! This month, in our Youtube show Team Up, we will be host to Royalty! Everyone is welcome to touch His crown and admire the details of His magnificent team based around Himself, the King of the Gobballs! 

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Hello everyone, and welcome to Team Up, our monthly show dedicated to presenting new and original teams of Krosmasters!

For our second episode, enough with Moon and all his monkey business, we present you a team revolving around the greatest Osamodas dressed as a Gobball that has ever worn the crown: it's the Return of the King! Different from the previous team, both in its composition and its tactics, we will explore a new facet of the gameplay with it: the wonderful world of "Flood" teams. 

What are you waiting for? Jump in and enjoy 3 minutes and 10 secondes of pure strategy! And we will see you next month for yet another team!