For some time now, the adventurers of the World of Twelve have had but one goal: Moon. Although Moon’s Kanniballs, Captain LeChouque and its Kokokonut trees are famous throughout the world, the island owes its fame above all to its primate. From the Dofus Age to the Wakfu Era, discover the adventures of the little monkey with the hammer in the following video! 

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It was in the DOFUS MMO that Moon emerged from a bushy tuft of grass and uttered his first cry. The little monkey has since welcomed thousands of adventurers to his island, all of them in quest of the exotic. And they certainly found it, to say the very least! As for the natives of the crescent moon-shaped island, the Kanniballs... well, all they had to do was sit down for dinner!

Just ask Yugo, Amalia and Evangelyne, whose hosts certainly put on a good spread for them in WAKFU the series*! Fortunately the adventurers were able to count on a furry inhabitant of the island who wasn’t interested in nibbling their toes (or any other bit of them, for that matter): Moon.

A deity worshipped by the Kanniball people, Moon is a little monkey with godlike powers. One word of advice before you set foot in his dungeon. Do not underestimate him because of his cute little mug, or because of his size... Because his ancestral hammer gives him untold powers which may well remind you that you can’t monkey around with Moon.

And if your urge to stroke him is stronger than your ability to remember these words of warning, you can always fall back on Nomoon, a version of Moon that is softer, gentler and more cuddly... uh, make that, more cuddly toy! A less fluffy but much more practical version, the figurine version of Moon recently made his debut in the board game and in the Krosmaster Arena online game.

While we’re on the subject of Krosmaster Arena online, Moon Island is now featuring in it as a new map. It is be the first that isn’t square, but rectangular instead! At the heart of this new map, an immense tree will force players to change their tactics, as it will be possible to play with the sight lines both horizontally and vertically!

How did this ordinary-looking little monkey become the god of one of the most exotic islands in the World of Twelve? You can find the answer in the issue of DOFUS Monster which is all about him**!

*The Moon Island episode is available on Netflix.
**Available in French and soon in English.