What do Ankama employees speak about outside of work? Well, they talk about video games of course! And just sometimes they come up with a new idea or a new project. This is more or less how Tactile Wars came into existence. If you like playing and exploring in other games apart from your MMO, keep on reading...

Some of you will know it already: Tactile Wars, the new Ankama game for phones and tablets, was introduced at the Ankama Line-Up 2015, and more recently at Japan Expo, in Paris. In both cases you gave it a warm welcome!
For all those who haven’t yet heard about it, Tactile Wars is a vibrant arcade strategy game based on commanding a team of soldiers, the pigments, who are armed with paint guns.
When you choose your color, you’re also choosing your home country! Your mission is clear. Attack the other colors and defend your own!
Created by a small team of six people, this little project from “outside the Krosmoz” gained momentum as time went by. After DOFUS: Battles, Ankama’s first mobile game was for iOS only. Tactile Wars, with WAKFU Raiders, will be one of the first Ankama games for tablets and smartphones. Developed on Unity, and translated into 13 languages, and available this time on iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows Phone, it’s also the first free-to-play game from the Roubaix-based company.
Who would have thought that this project, which began as a simple discussion between enthusiasts, would one day become a full-scale strategy game, soon to enjoy an international release? Well, its creators did, naturally! Who made the most of the freedom they were given to fill the game with everything they liked most, such as humor, action, colorful graphics and a new gameplay experience; because, as well as creating a non-stereotypical universe, the team actively looked to develop an original style of gameplay, which would be unique to Tactile Wars. Now check it out for yourself!
Download Tactile Wars from the App Store
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If Tactile Wars also makes you see life through rose-tinted glasses – and through blue ones and every other-colored ones – watch and share the new trailer and get it now on your tablet or smartphone!

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