This new system will make it easier for you to complete your collection, by destroying your extra figurines and make new ones with the remaining pieces!

Have you ever looked at your (virtual) display case, full of (virtual) figurines, and said to yourself “Sheesh, if only I could make something out of those 18 (virtual) Raul Bak!”? Well, we have good news for you: this conundrum is now a thing of the past (virtu… no, wait, it’s for real this time!).

After some time in development in our workshop, we have the pleasure to present our recycling system to you. It will allow you to find a new use for your extra figurines, which can be destroyed in order to create the missing figurines in your collection. Why don’t we take a tour of this new feature together?


For all your recycling needs, check the collection menu. Start by clicking the Recycling tab on the right side of your screen. 

Your first step will be to break your figurines. No need to use a hammer for this, a simple press of a button is all you need! This button, located under the figurine’s 3D model, will be clickable only if the Krosmaster can be destroyed. We have also added a special button that will seek and destroy every figurine that can be broken in your collection in a single click.

Only your extraneous figurines can be destroyed for recycling. For instance, if you happen to own 7 Oscar Kass, a figurine that can be played twice in a single team, you will be able to break 5 of them, leaving you with 2 figurines for team building purposes. You will never break your favorite figurine by mistake: the diversity of your collection won’t change.
Those shattered figurines will leave fragments behind, in a proportion of one fragment per Krosmaster’s level. Breaking a Coa Gulary will give you 1 fragment, while breaking a Kitty Rage will net you 5 fragments, and so on.


Now that you have fragments, it is time to put them to good use by making new figurines! Still in the Recycling tab, under the 3D model, another button will appear if you can craft that particular Krosmaster.
We don’t want you to waste your fragments, so you will only be able to create figurines for which you don’t have the maximum playable amount. You can’t craft a 4th Skale, for instance, as he can be played up to three times on a team, and owning a fourth one would be pointless.
The number of fragments required to craft a Krosmaster is dependent on its level.
  • A level 1 Krosmaster will require 5 fragments.
  • A level 2 Krosmaster will require 11 fragments.
  • A level 3 Krosmaster will require 18 fragments.
  • A level 4 Krosmaster will require 26 fragments.
  • A level 5 Krosmaster will require 35 fragments.
  • A level 6 Krosmaster will require 45 fragments.


I guess you must be dying to try this new feature? Well, you won’t have to wait for long: the system will be activated during our next game update! The dream of possessing a complete collection has never been so close.

See you in-game, and have fun!