A change in the current rules of Krosmaster Arena will soon be enacted. It’s about teams, numbers, and the interaction between those two… 

Hardcore players, casual players, online players, judges of all kind: it’s time to shake things up a bit!

As you know, we sometimes update Krosmaster Arena’s rules, by taking into account your feedback and analyzing thousands of hours of playing from our community. When Season 2 was launched, for instance, we altered the rules in order to get a more balanced and more enjoyable experience. It’s now time for a new update, only one rule, but a very important one:

A Krosmaster team must contain between three and eight figurines, for a total of 12 levels.

That’s right: the minimum amount of Krosmasters in a team has been increased from 2 to 3! After a long analysis, we have found that teams composed of only two characters were harming the diversity of the game while bringing very little in exchange. By modifying this rule, we hope to open up some new ways in design that were closed to us before, and offer to tournament players a more diverse metagame.
This change in rules will become mandatory in tournaments on September 14th, 2015; however, it can be applied to tournaments from now on. In the online game, this change will activated during an update scheduled in August. You will have plenty of time to adapt your strategy to this change in the meantime.

Until then, have fun!