Season 3 figurines have been doing battle on board games for a few weeks, while online players look on with envy! But now online players have a reason to celebrate. The digital versions are ready for combat!
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Dominated by the emblematic characters of Otomai and Moon, season 3 brings together four families that are up to the challenge:
- Minotorors
- Dreggons
- Kanniballs
- Piwates
There are three ways you can get them into the arena.
- If you already have the physical figurines, you can use the code in the box to unlock their digital counterparts.
- If you play online only, the new warriors are available in Standard Krosboxes, which you can get here! Why “Standard”? Because season 3 hasn’t finished revealing its secrets. More will be unveiled in the coming weeks! When the season is done, the Shop will have a whole Krosbox Season 3 section!

 Season 3 lets you embrace your inner pirate!