Hey there, I got somethin’ real important to give you, so just sit down and listen... a gift real special, so take off the top, take a look inside, it’s... Oh, it’s you! Great timing... So take a look inside, it’s Krosmasters in a box! To celebrate the Krosmaster beta, we’re offering you an exclusive flash sale with a unique chance to buy the virtual figurine of Dark Vlad - Karnated! It’s in a box! Oooh yeah....

Brand new just for you, dear Krosmaster players! Certain virtual figurines will be available starting right now in a special flash sale. So make the most of the opportunity and choose which one you’d like to see appear on your team! 

Available since the beginning of the year as part of the Dark Heroes pack from the Ankama shop, Dark Vlad mounts his terrifying Karne once more. And where is he going? To a Krosmaster battlefield near you, in order to engage in the most glorious combat! 

From May 27th through May 31th, find Dark Vlad and his mount in the Krosmaster shop for the price of 1500 Ogrines under the Packs category.

A flash sale not to be missed!