The Krosmaster World Championship was streamed live on our Twitch channel. You can now re-watch all the commented videos (in English) on our Youtube channel! 

KMA World Championship

During the Krosmaster World Championship, no less than 13 matches have been streamed and commented* live by [Dewit] and [Picaro] on our Twitch channel. All of those high-level games have been preserved on our Youtube channel, so you can watch and re-watch them as much as you like!

You will find the entire playlist below. If you want to have a global view of the tournament and the team that has been played, you can check this page.
* All commentaries are in English.

First part: groups

Mia (USA) vs Jejam (FRA)
Dacow (DE) vs Stroppo (ITA)
Wescade (FRA) vs Doran-44 (ES)
Ysu (FRA) vs FryGuy (USA)


Winner bracket

Peteeer83 (ITA) vs Stroppo (ITA)
Wendig0 (FRA) vs Wescade (FRA)
Wendig0 (FRA) vs VonRah (ITA)
Nicolivera (DE) vs VonRah (ITA)  (winner bracket final)


Loser bracket

Jejam (FRA) vs Wescade (FRA)
Ysu (FRA) vs Chris87x (DE)
Ysu (FRA) vs VonRah (ITA)  (loser bracket final)


The final

Nicoolivera (DE) vs Ysu (FRA) (part 1)
Nicoolivera (DE) vs Ysu (FRA) (part 2)