With the arrival of its new 3D version, Krosmaster Arena takes the opportunity to dust up its ‘competitive play’ system. The current ladder will disappear and be replaced by a ranking system, where you fight players of your own level at every step and win kroz along the way! 

Say goodbye to the ladder! It’s time for it to retire with the honor. With the rebirth of Krosmaster Arena, it was important to us to revamp the ranked matches to better fulfill the needs of the players.

So… how about a tour of the new system?

Warning! Everything that follows is a work in progress. Those values can change during the beta-test of the game. 

Rank and file

Players will now be classified in numbered ranks. There are 20 of them in total, along with a very prestigious Elite rank to top them off. Everyone starts at the bottom of rank 20 and will work their way up from there.

Whenever you start a ranked match in-game, our servers will try to find an opponent ranked at the same level as you. If no opponents of this rank are currently looking for a match at that moment, we will then progressively increase our field of research until we find you a challenger. As a result, there might be a couple ranks of difference between you and your opponent, but don’t worry! Complete newbies will no longer fight against seasoned players!

A certain number of victories is necessary to graduate to a new rank, and this number will increase as you progress further through the ranks. You will need only two victories to graduate from rank 20 to rank 19, but to get from 15 to 14 requires three victories. By winning several games in a row, you will also earn “bonus” victories that will help you get through the rankings even faster.

However, every game you lose will have the opposite effect and will take you back one point in your progression. If you score becomes too low, you will even be downgraded to the previous rank!

Once you have earned all the required victories at the end of rank 1, you will then access the ‘Elite rank,’ the final stage of competition. Each member of the league are ranked in a ladder that isn’t so different from the one we currently have: the cream of the crop fighting each other for glory. Be careful though, even if you have a little more leeway amongst the Elite, losing too many games can send you back to rank 1… 

Seasons and kroz

By playing and winning in ranked matches, you will earn kroz. These will allow you to complete your collection by buying Krosboxes in the in-game shop.

For starters, every time you reach a rank you have never reached before, you will win a certain amount of kroz. This prize can be earned only once in your career: to get more kroz this way, you will have to become better and better!

Every time you win a total of 2 games in ranked matches, you will be awarded a small amount of kroz, in addition to any other prize you could earn.

Finally, at the end of every season, you will get a sum of kroz depending on your final rank. Wait, what do you mean by “the end of every season”? That’s right, the rankings will now frequently be reset! 
A season’s duration is two months long. Once it’s completed, you will receive the kroz we just told you about, and will be then downgraded to a lower rank. The higher was your ranking in the closing season, the higher it will be in the next one! 

All roads lead to a brawl

If you don’t find yourself engaged in the ranking system, Krosmaster Arena will provide you with alternative ways to find a worthy opponent.

Tournaments are still in the game. They consist in a string of 4 matches against random opponents, where every victory gives an increasingly bigger amount of kroz. Playing in a tournament is free. Once it begins, you are not forced to play all your games at once: you are free to leave it and come back later to complete it, it will wait for you as long as necessary. However, once you have started a tournament, you must wait at least 23 hours before beginning a new one.

Challenges are friendly matches that do not alter your ranking in any way, so you can duel your friends as you may wish. In this kind of game, you will have more time to ponder your actions during your turn. However, you cannot win any kroz when you’re playing a challenge.

You can challenge your friends, but a new addition to this version allows you to play a random challenge against an unknown opponent. It’s the perfect way to test a new team without impacting your ranking in any way!

You now know everything about the revamp of ranked matches online! Get your Krosmasters ready and prepare yourself for your travel to glory!