It is now official: Krosmaster Arena Season 3 will premiere at the World Championship, on the 21st and 22nd of March! We know you’re all impatient to see what we have in stock for you… That’s why, counting down the days to the Championship, we will reveal the entire Season 3 spoiler list! 

You have been waiting for some info about the soon-to-be-released Season 3 of Krosmaster for a while now… Your patience will now be rewarded: we are going to spoil the whole thing! Well, bit by bit at least. We wouldn’t want you to get sick on too many spoilers at once…
A few words about this Season first. It will be composed of 16 figurines, 8 rares and 8 commons, and the major theme this time will be the Island’s Monsters, with most of the set being exotic creatures from the Krosmoz. We have decided to push forward the tribal aspect of this expansion, giving you an occasion to make original and flavorful teams.



This is why the Season 3 is composed of four different families:
  • The undead Piwates
  • The savage Kanniballs
  • The brutal Minotors
  • And the dragon-tastic Dreggons

… And each family has its own original power, shared by all its members!

Let’s get back to the spoiler part! Since I like to tease you a little bit (what can I do, I just love doing this! :P ), I have brutally torn the bottom half of every Season 3 card I will spoil you in the following weeks. You’ll have plenty of time to play the fortune tellers and try to guess their powers… until I reveal the full cards once the family is complete.
Deal? Alright, let’s start with the first family: the Piwates! Say hello to your new friend, Hazwonarm!


World Championship of Krosmaster: T-43 days