After two years of tournaments and national championships in France and abroad, Krosmaster is hitting new heights: the first World Championship will be held the 21st and 22nd of March at our Roubaix location. As a bonus, mini-tournaments on the side and exclusively, the Season 3 figurines!


The Outerworld is boiling! Saturday March 21st and Sunday March 22nd, Ankama will host, at its Roubaix location the cream of the crop of Krosmaster champions: 20 French, German, Spanish and American players will leap into the arena, ready to finish the fight! The top four among the national championships will battle to win the first world title. And the winner will become, indisputably, the master of the Krosmoz!
But the Demons of the Hours require more to be satisfied! Well, they'll be happy: there will be mini, 8-player tournaments*, as well as new figurines to be had.
Participants and visitors will effectively be the first to discover the new Season 3 figurines, and, even better, the first to be able to buy them!
Finally, during the two days, other games will be presented.
We'll soon provide more detailed information.
*Signups for side tournaments will take place on-location, up to 56 participants.