You want them, you need them, and now they’re here: every single Krosmaster Season 2 figurine is now playable online! And they have brought new rules and a few guests with them… Get ready, for the game is about to change drastically! 


Earlier this year, Krosmaster Season 2 was released in world, with great success. However, its virtual counterpart was still missing… Indeed, our efforts were concentrated on the future 3D version of Krosmaster, and in result, the current online version was firmly ingrained into Season 1 territory. But we say: no more! After a few months in Beta to iron out the bugs, the Season 2 figurines are now ready to invade your computers!

On this Tuesday, Septermber 9th, we will update the current online game, in order to add everything related to Season 2, figurines and rules included. Here is a list of the changes you will encounter:
  • We’ve added the main 32 figurines from Season 2.
  • The 6 promo figurines coming from Wakfu Season 2 are also added to the mix.
  • New Critical/Armor rules: if an attack gets more Critical rolls than the defender gets Armor rolls, the attack will deal 1 more damage (and no more). The rule works also in reverse: if the defender gets more Armor than the attacker gets Critical, the damage will be reduced by 1 point maximum. Healing spells will only add 1 point of healing if you obtain one Critical result or more.
  • Demonic Rewards changes: they will be now progressively unveiled during the first turn of each player. A Krosmaster can only activate one Demonic Reward per turn.
  • Summoned tokens won’t block the line of sight, unless they have the Obstruction power. The maximum number of summons is now limited per team, not per Krosmaster. (Those changes won’t affect the Mechanisms: bombs and turrets.)
  • You can now buy only one GG with your kamas per player’s turn.

If you haven’t done it yet, we encourage you to redeem your online codes that comes with every “real life” figurine, in order to add them to your online collection. You’ve already done so? Great! They will be playable as soon as the game is updated, then.

Get ready to enter the Arena one more time… from the comfort of your chair. Krosmaster Arena online is back!