Say hello to the youngest of our games: Krosmaster Junior! For younger players who wants to learn, this little box contains 7 different fun minigames, for 2 to 4 players. And the four exclusive figurines it contains can be played in every other Krosmaster game! 


Have you have ever tried to play Krosmaster with a younger sibling, but got frustrated because the game was just a little too complicated for them? Well worry no more, we have made the perfect product for you, a little box full of surprises: Krosmaster Junior!
There’s plenty of things to see in the box: 4 exclusive Krosmaster figurines, 2 double-sided game maps, tokens, dice, adventure notebooks… Everything you need to explore the seven different minigames Junior has to offer, for 2 to 4 players.
These games can be played independently, little capsules of fun, quick to set up and done in 15 minutes or less. Or you can play them one after another, in one great game where your adventure notebook will be your guide from beginning to end.


You will also learn all the rules of Krosmaster, in a progressive manner: each game adds a rule or two, so you can learn them at a slow and steady pace. Once you’ve finished all the adventures, you will be ready to play the other Krosmaster games! In fact, the four characters you play are compatible with our other games: as a reward for completing the adventures, you will find a stat card for every Krosmaster.
Krosmaster Junior is a box full of fun, for players of all ages. Available in October at your favorite retailer!