Drum roll. Tense silence in the audience. Palms are sweaty. The host takes just a little too long to open the envelope… Here it is, the final results of Skratchmaster are about to be announced! 


At long last, here we are… Skratchmaster, our painting and customization contest, is now over. Artist from all around the world have worked hard to send us their creations during the contest’s 3 month duration. And the quality was so high that our jury had much trouble making a final and definitive ranking!
Before we unveil this ranking, we would like to thank you, all of you that entered this contest, and all the people that supported and cheered them. Almost every time we received a new photo set, we were surprised by the quality of the piece. When it was finally time for us to decide which one was the best, it became a long and heartbreaking job. Even the community’s vote was close, only a couple votes of difference until the end! So, don’t be disappointed if your creation hasn’t performed as much as you’d like: whatever is your final rank, you’re all winners just for having the guts to participate in this contest.

That’s enough introduction for today, let’s delve right into the final verdict of our jury for Skratchmaster 2!


The winner

1st place: Gobbowl, by Titadoss (#17)

Now there’s a creation where we couldn’t find flaws. The piece is clean, the painting is efficient, the characters are perfectly posed, but what sets it apart from the others, it’s the obvious care given to every single detail and accessory. Everything that might be found around a Gobbowl stadium has found its place in this diorama, and yet it doesn’t feel crowded.

For these reasons and many other, Titadoss wins the first prize. Which consists of a visit of the Ankama office in Roubaix (France), as well as other prizes!


The Runners-up

2nd place: To Darkness, by Faface (#12)
This creation has caught the eye of many people! Recreating a scene for the short film “Goultard the Barbarian”, this diorama has astonished us by its composition, its mood, its customization of a simple Sacrier figurine into a very convincing Katar, and the care that was obviously put in every detail of this mythic scene.
3rd place: Krosmaster in Krosmaster, by Keiyo (#13)
This diorama caught us by surprise by its originality! An idea so simple, and yet so perfectly executed. The Krosmaster mini-figurines and the complete game board (amazingly detailed in spite of the scale used) was more than enough to convince us to place this piece on the podium.


From 4th to 10th place

4th place: Slow food and very slow service, by Marcoloide (#31)
We couldn’t help but laugh the first time we saw this piece! This might be the most original theme of the whole contest, and every set piece of this restaurant has obviously been well thought. A joke in the form of a diorama, you don’t see that every day!

5th place: Kros Wars, by Pika-So (#29)
A perfect example of transforming something into something else entirely. You might barely recognize Joris and Grampy under all those modifications! A wonderful homage from a universe to another, helped by a great direction.

6th place: Bewitched, by Katan (#21)
The level of painting skills on this piece is astonishing! You could almost feel the glow coming from the Eniripsa’s eyes… and the very detailed Zobal mask is nothing to be ashamed of. A truly magic scene.
7th place: Shak Shaka versus Merkator, by Seggin (#14)
It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what we like in this one. The combination of every facet of this creation creates a whole that is perfectly done and pleasing to our eyes. Well done!

8th place: Petit Contre Temps, by Shotom (#15)
The duel between Yugo and Nox is a very popular theme that was used more than once in this contest, but this is the version that we liked the most. It has a great set, good direction, and the paint subtly underlines the most important parts of the scene.

9th place: Game of Thrones, by Shaman17 (#18)
With a TV show this popular, we were almost expecting to see it in this contest! But it’s not because it references the show that we like it, it’s because there’s a good amount of work that went in the characters and the set is amazingly well done.
10th place: Welcome to the jungle, by MasterKrosFZ (#23)
We’d like to see more Ecaflips like this! We were speechless when we saw the painting work that was done on those figurines. And since the set complements those big cats, we’re happy to place this diorama in our top 10.

From 11th to 20th place


For all the following entries, we’re inviting you to consult our Facebook album (accessible to everyone) to see the pictures related to every diorama.

While those creations fall a little short and couldn’t get in the top 10, they were still of a high quality, and the final ranking was decided sometimes on very small details. Don’t be disappointed!

11th place: Shooting at the inn, by Discordia (#8)
A really nice action scene, with a set coming straight from the Dofus game.
12th place: Yugo versus Nox, by SblaBBo (#28)
A classic duel, with a nice composition and a clever use of portals.
13th place: Evangelyne versus Remington, by hiric87 (#4)
Another scene from the Wakfu animated series, done beautifully.
14th place: Coa America versus Chrissy Entrinch, by BerYKros (#11)
Two nice characters, we’d like to know more of their story.
15th place: The lighthouse, by Dariadella (#26)
A very moody piece. Somehow, it almost looks like a cake, we’d wish to taste it!
16th place: The bakery, by Tristanggy (#35)
The Enutrof’s chocolate-full smile gets us every time.
17th place: Busted!, by NaiFlaim (#19)
Some very expressive characters despite very little repainting done.
18th place: 300, by Lyivio91 (#22)
Those two highly modified figurines create an unmistakable reference.
19th place: Yugo versus Nox, by mr-simpatia (#34)
Energy ray duel! A very nice idea.
20th place: Lil Healey and Kassius Kaos, by Amanda Mae (#5)
An original and creative idea that goes further than the classical duel.


21st place and beyond


Those dioramas might not have impressed our jury very much, there are still a meaningful effort that needs to be rewarded. You can only do better next time!

21st place: Evangelyne versus Remington, by fredbod (#1)
22th place: Merkator versus Nox, by Thrun (#2)
23th place: Krosmarried, by Ape (#3)
24th place: Krobax versus Trank, by jobineau (#9)
25th place: Wanted, by Aluccia (#24)
26th place: Kassius Kaos versus King of the Gobballs, by Gabrypiga (#16)
27th place: Chichi and Goku, by Teenebreuse (#25)
28th place: Sleepy Krosmow, by Mellal (#37)
29th place: Maximini, Marwal et Crustacés, by Camthi (#27)
30th place: Lord of the Rings, by CRX66 (#10)
31st place: Slade Wilson versus Lara Croft, by Sponge-Adri (#33)
32th place: Maskemane versus Makum Bah, by Megan Renee (#30)
33th place: Full Metal Hunters, by Manancer (#6)
34th place: Dig!, by Mike (#7)
35th place: The painter, by The0dd0n3 (#20)
36th place: The elder’s battle, by pyros-sacri (#32)
37th place: Yugo versus Nox, par Duizio (#36)


The Community’s prize

For an entire week, we gave the community the possibility to vote for their favorites. Three choices per person maximum, some decisions must have been hard… However, the final winners are only a few votes ahead from other serious competitors. It’s heartbreaking that we can’t reward every favorite the same way we do with the top 3!
Each of the three winners will receive the Community’s prize (a Goldenrod Terminatot and a XXL figurine) in addition from the prizes given by the jury. Congratulations!
1st Community’s prize: Petit Contre Temps, by Shotom (#15)
2nd Community’s prize: Krosmaster in Krosmaster, by Keiyo (#13)
3rd Community’s prize: To Darkness, by Faface (#12)
This concludes or contest! Thanks again to everyone who made this project possible. This has been quite of a success, we might do more of these in the future… so stay tuned!