Those of you who follow our Facebook page may have seen, before anyone else, the development of one of our new figurines, to be released later this year: the Dark Vlad! Concept art at first, then 3D model, the new figurine unveils itself step by step…
We have reached a crucial part of the process: the colors. And we are faced with a dilemma: we really can’t decide between the “classic” look (pale skin, purple armor) and the newest version appearing in Dofus 2.0 (dark skin, black armor). So we bravely decided… to let you decide!

You have until Sunday (included) to vote on our FB page for the color scheme you like the best. Then, the following Monday, we will count up your votes and unveil the final colors the Dark Vlad will bear in the future!
You have not subscribed to Facebook or you’d rather not vote there? Don’t worry: you can also vote on these very forums if you want to. Just answer this thread with your vote for the picture you’d like to see on the figurine (“I vote for the classic look” or “I vote for the new look”).

Here are the two color scheme available:
“Classic” look (Dofus 1.0)
“New” look (Dofus 2.0)
The vote is calling you, forumers, don’t disappoint us!