As some of you might have seen last week-end at the Ankama Convention, Krosmaster Arena’s online version is evolving: a brand new 3D version that can play anywhere and anytime you want on your tablet! If you’d like to know more, keep reading for more explanations and a video trailer!

Krosmaster Arena is currently shedding some skin… In its warm cocoon lies a newer, better, prettier and funnier version, almost ready to be born anew. There is no release date yet, but here’s a video trailer to show you what it will be capable of!
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This new version will be entirely made in 3D. Every character will be animated with moves and emotions who will bring your games to life like never before.

Created with the Unity engine, it will be playable on your computer by your favorite browser, but also on your tablet. All those platforms will be playing the exact same game: for example, you might fight a tablet user while playing on your desktop computer.

While the user interface will be greatly altered compared to the current version, the game will still be the same at its core. Every content and functionality you can use today will be preserved in the new version. You will find your favorite figurines and tactics intact, except for a brand new look! Since your collection is linked to your Ankama account, you won’t have to start again from scratch.

The game will be up to date with all the latest changes, rulings and releases. All your figurines, from season 1 and 2, will be ready to fight in the latest environment. This might even be the time for some often requested features to show up…

The catch

As you may imagine, all of these new features have a direct impact on the current version of the game.
Developing this evolution of Krosmaster Arena requires a lot of time, effort and resources. The Krosmaster team adapted to those conditions and are currently creating a new game that should impress even the most jaded. However, the current version couldn’t get this much attention at the same time…

That’s why, when you will redeem a code for a virtual Season 2 figurine, it will be added to your collection as usual… but won’t be playable until the next version comes out! Yes, season 2 figurines won’t be added to the current version of the game. In fact, it shouldn’t get any more updates, as the game is deemed to disappear once the new version completed.
You must understand that what’s coming for you isn’t just a simple graphic update: this is an important step forward in the evolution of Krosmaster Arena, who will evolve from a simple adaptation of a board game (a ''training zone'' of some sort) to a distinct online game, who will stand on its own, and add to the Krosmoz universe as a whole.

Be patient: soon, you will be able to play with your figurines, both from season 1 and 2, in this new version that will keep surprising you!