Let’s have a look back at the Xelors that we revealed last week… and on the whole spoiler campaign, since we are at the end of the road!

Last week, we saw two Xelors hanging around on our Facebook page. For those who came later than late to the party, here’s what they looked like:

They sure like to use complex words to carry simple ideas… So there are two keywords that might need some explanation:
Chance: this keyword works the same way its coworkers Agility, Strength and Intelligence do, but concerns the Water element instead. When a character with this power uses a Water attack, you roll one additional die. When he’s attacked by a Water attack, you also roll an additional die. Since this power can combine with Critical and Armor, you may roll three dice in some lucky circumstances!

Multiple targets: this keyword is a very special kind of area of effect. After the principal target is chosen, every square in range that could have been selected become secondary targets, and are affected by the spell as well. In Henual’s case, his short range means he will affect the four squares adjacent to him, but other characters may have more exotic range yet!

Aaaand… that’s it! We have emptied big bag of spoilers that we had. How sad! However, that doesn’t mean we have shown you the entire Season 2 set. We have only spoiled the “common” cards during our campaign, which means there is almost 1/3 of the set left to discover! Season 2 will be released very soon, you will meet them at this moment!
In the name of the whole team, I’d like to thank you for your participation and enthusiasm during this whole campaign. For a month and a half, you were there every day, ready to answer our (sometimes rather silly) puzzles. And your enthusiastic comment when a blast to read! We hope you have found this campaign as enjoyable to read as it was for us to write, and we will see you soon for more animations on our websites!