Now that the charming Pandawas have finished their drinks, at last it’s time for Xelors to show up on our Facebook spoilers!

We’re almost at the end of our spoiler campaign… Drop by drop, the information well is drying. However, after last week’s Pandawas, we still had enough juice to give you a last spoiler to quench your thirst. And this thirst-killing juice will take the form of two Xelors, Tuesday and Friday on our Facebook page!
The two ladies who refused to move away from the bar last week looked something like this:

Wait, what’s that word again? Strength? Never seen that one before? Well, here’s how it works:
Strength: this keyword works the same way Agility and Intelligence do, but is about the Earth element exclusively. When a character with this power uses an Earth attack, you roll one additional die. When he’s attacked by an Earth attack, you also roll an additional die. Since this power can combine with Critical and Armor, you may roll three dice in some lucky circumstances!
That’s it for today, see you soon!