Last week, we were unveiling the young and hip Eliatropes. Let’s have a last look at them before the old and cranky Enutrofs take their place!

Last week, official Facebook page, puzzles, spoilers, yadda yadda, you all know the trick by now! This week, it’s time for the Enutrofs to steal the show. Exceptionally, we will see you on Tuesday and Thursday (instead of Friday) to discover our favorite money-grabbing gramps in all their glory!
If you haven’t seen them already, here is a recap for the (much younger) Eliatropes from last week:

There’s a couple keywords you might not know in there. You will understand them much more after reading this:
Intelligence: whenever you use a Fire spell with this character, you can roll an additional die. When this character is attacked by a Fire spell, you can also roll an additional die. This power can be combined with Critical or Armor, which allows you to roll three dice at once in some cases!
Farmer: this power was first introduced in the Krosmaster Arena expansion Frigost. If a Krosmaster with this power picks up at least 1 kama during his/her turn, add an additional 1 kama to your stack at the end of his/her turn.
That’s it for today, see you soon!