Last week is over, but another week begins! This time, we will show you a couple Eliatropes, and have a look back at those Foggernauts turrets we keep hearing about…

You must know the drill by now, but just in case some people in the back weren’t listening, here’s a recap: every Tuesday and Friday, on our Facebook page, we will show you a little puzzle or game. Answer it correctly, and you will be rewarded with a spoiler from our brand new Season 2. This week, we’re talking about the (very mysterious) Eliatropes! If you want to know what’s under their funny hats, you’ll have to come and check it out!

Let’s take a look at last week’s spoilers, the Foggernauts.


While most of us would be content to be in the company of such fine ladies, some of you expressed the desire to know more about their turrets. Well, here they are:

(Unfortunately, we don’t have a picture in English yet, so let me translate the relevant parts for you:
Harpooner (top right): its attack steals health. Tacturret (bottom right): its attack attract the target 2 cells. Both read “Blocking” and Loot 1 kama as their power.)

A couple explanations are needed to understand how the turrets works:
  • Both are considered to be Mechanisms, like Rogue’s bombs.
  • They don’t have any MP, and won’t lock other figurines. However, they can be pushed and pulled by the relevant attacks.
  • They have the “Blocking” power (name might change in the final version), meaning they will block the line of sight like any tree or Krosmaster would (unlike Rogue’s bombs).
  • The Loot power will be applied to most summons in season 2. Whenever an opponent would destroy that summon, he will automatically gain the amount of money specified on the token (here, 1 kama). This means you now have to be more careful with those tokens, otherwise you might make your opponent rich very quickly. If you were to destroy one of your own turrets, you won’t gain money, of course… but neither would your opponent!
That’s it for today, see you tomorrow for more news!