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Kevin+Merkrator bug

By OaWser#6613 April 20, 2016, 03:27:34


Name: Oawnser
Date and time: 2:35 20 april 2016
Setup: laptop windows 7

My Kevin shot a 3 hp Merkator with terra boost and it only did 1 hp dmg.
It was extra painfull because i blind picked that terra boost the same turn.
I even went bm at my oppenent because i thought i already had won and then this bug turned my sweet victory into a tragic loss...

I included a screenshot

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I'm afraid it's not a bug, but this happened because the online game has a very strict order of activation for one-time uses power ups: Terra boost says "the next spell the krosmaster casts deals +2 earth damage".
You activated it and then you used Kivin's teleport, wich means the DR effect got wasted because it affected it, being the the facto "next spell", so when you casted Wakfu Dummy it went unboosted

Happened to me once too because i was'nt thinging about it: activated Sacrièr Style with Emme Sacre, then used Precipitation to unleash a mighty 8 dmg Yop's Wrath! Then i realized... 4HP gone for nothing -.-

Gotta remember to activate the boost right before casting the spell we want to be boosted, that's all

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Ohh right, thanks for clearing that up!


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