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Bug: Poochan or Dreggon Egg?

By joffreybieber#2750 January 25, 2016, 11:20:24

Just in a game - don't seem to be able to throw Eggs with Poochan. Can throw other units no problem. It lets me target them, but when I click the cell to throw to, it cancels the spell.

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CR 3.3.3.: If a Spell or Power refers to an Ally, it refers to a Character in the same Team as theGame Piece with the Spell or Power, including the latter.

Given the fact that mechanisms (including immature dreggons) are not characters, not being able to teleport them with Poochan is not a bug.
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Ah! Bugger! Thanks for the clarification. Says non-boss ally, so I thought I was able to throw them!

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It does, but Mechanism are not considered either allies or opponents, so anything that specifies character, ally or opponent doesn't work on them
The definition is a bit confused for anyone to learn by himself, but we're getting a much clearer explanation with the updated rulebook in the 2.0 box

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