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Issues with Krolliseum and Social Features

By Telphia#9838 September 29, 2016, 03:44:13

Really just two requests:

1 - Krolliseum teams cannot fight against non-Krolliseum teams. Please stop pairing them with one another. It's just unfair.

2 - What are the odds of getting something like a Friend list or at least better ways to pair up with people we know? I have friends I can't get into Krosmaster because there's no good way to match up together without jumping through a ton of hoops.

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Ankama's too worried about Krosmaga, Krosmaster and its fans are getting no love any time soon.

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I would like to support Telphia's statement about pairing "Open format" teams with Kros teams, it's super super annoying. Mismatches are no fun.

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