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Being unlucky in Krosmaster arena

By AgresywnyDzik#8215 April 06, 2016, 00:39:56

Today I finished my Krolosium that I started like 2 days ago, I had score 3-1, I got some krozes and Kannibal archer from the reward. I started new krolosium and finished it with score 4-0, I got some krozes and again, Kannibal archer. After that, I opened one season-3 krosbox. Guess what I get.. Yes, another Kanniball archer. This is so unlucky...

Tell your unlucky stories from Krosmaster arena, I bet you have some (my worst day in krosmaster arena was when I opened 20 season-3 krosboxes and got about 10 boombas)

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Like yesterday my opponent got 10 crits in a row and i did not roll a single block even though both of the figurines i had had block and opponent didnt even have the crit power e.e

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With regards to Krolosium rewards, I suspect it is heavily weighted towards level 1 and 2 Krosmasters. I estimate I have won around 10 Krosmasters in this manner and with only a single exception they have all been in the level 1/2 range. Ironically this would mean that it may actually be more beneficial to go 2/4 than 3/4 for a player who has a fairly complete Level 1 library, since getting 2 or 3 recycling blocks is going to be worth more than a redundant level 1. The Kroz payoff from rewards that give you Krosmasters are really a non-issue as well.

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