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Elite : Hall of Fame !

By Wendig0 June 01, 2015, 13:38:48

A season end, and with this end, reset of all your success and fails. But what could stay, for the posterity ? Your name will be write in the Hall of Fame ! At the end of every season, the ranking of the fifty first player (first and second ranking page) will be save here. With this ranking, you'll gain points. Everybody could notice your regularity, and who know, maybe it could be useful in the future to qualify for special tournament ?

Season 0 : 14 april to 31 may 2015
Top 25 : Click here
Top 26-50 : Click here
Podium per community language spoken :

English :
1st : swtchbldbndt (9)
2nd : Jin-Jau(15)
3rd : GinjaaNinjaa(23)

French :
1st : jupel (1)
2nd : swyyt (2)
3rd : Wendig0 (3)

Italian :
1st : ZOMBOO (5)
2nd : Stroppo (12)
3rd : -DottorM- (16)

German :
1st : Rikkersslash (7)
2nd : Kukulcaen (34)
3rd : Dellita (38)

Spanish :
1st : PresagioInesperado (10)
2nd: THE-CCUTA(14)
3rd : buenospetes(20)

Number of Elite player this season : 60 !

See you in 2 month for the end of the season 1 !

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I like this idea. Thanks for this post. My name is spelled with one k though.

Too bad my sign in name is the one I would like to use but can not. sad

Hello, at what time exactly did this season end, because I was 4th at midnight from 31st to 1.8.
After another game I got rank 3 at 00:30. I kept it until 3 A.M. and now the official posts state that I was at 4th place after season reset.

I mainly wanted to know when the reset is and who was in 3rd place at that time?

Edit: I am talking about season 2 where the rankings are posted here:
Click here

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♫Standing in thehall of fame♫
♫And the world's gonna know your name♫
♫'Cause you burn with the brightest flame♫
♫And the world's gonna know your name♫
♫And you'll be on the walls to the hall of fame♫

And we are now at the end of this 2nd season of krosmaster,

This season was italian with a green, white and red top of the ranking , after a frensh season it's good to see other country assert itself at the hight level.

Now the ranking of the 50 best :
1-25 and 26 à 50
And now the podium per community :

Italian-speaker :

1st- il-piu-scarso2 (1)
2nd- ZeddFire (2)
3rd- Arthas-91 (3)

Frensh-speaker :

1st- njfan (5)
2nd- jupel (14)
3rd- Fardlic (15)

German-speaker :

1st- Rikerslash (4)
2nd- nicoolivera (11)
3rd- dklalle (23)

Spanish-speaker :

1st- jordandjp (8)
2nd- LittleFreshman (10)
3rd- abarizioso (21)

English-speaker/American :

1st- aposperitis (18)
2nd- swtchbldbndt (24)
3rd- -sinow- (43)

Player on the elite rank at the end of the season : 96 !!!

Congratulation at all of you!

The classic presentation is done so i will become a commentator to tell you the importants moments of this season because the result can't show every times the efforts of the players.( i just speak about the 15-20 first places and maybe forget some details because i've not a good memory ^^⁾

This is the way ends tis season very different than the first season with an italian podium.
Rikersslash fight to the and to have his 3rd place but he was pursued by njfan for france and Arthas-91, pettman and adfreas for italia.
At the and just Arthas-91 was present to surpass Rikersslash to create an only italian podium. It was a fight of erveryday and the last day, Riker won a game on the afternoon and became the 3rd but Arthas play in the night and get the 3rd place with less than a point !
They fight to the 3rd place and in the same time the 2 first, ZeddFire and il-piu-scarso2 want the best place, the first. Their battle take them too high for other player, anyone was more high than the other with 5 points of difference. It was that but at a moment, il-piu-scarso2 has decided to tryhard the game and fall to the 3rd place before the flight, he play, play and play to finish too high, he has 1042pts !!! (to situate you, the second has 948pts and me the last season 920).
After the podium, it the turn of of the top ten : theire is our frenshi njfan who is the only frensh in this top ten, he fight to the 3rd place but Riker was better and Arthas come so nj can just be 5th.
There is jordandjp, he was for a long moment the only spain-speaker who stay on the top 10 and finish at the 8th place. Behind him we found LittleFreshman at the 10th place to join jordandjp for the spain.
The other are italian, pettman (6), adfreas (7) and Kristombombo (9) to reinforce the presence of the italy in this top ten.
The next one is nicoolivera, on the 2nd bord of the ranking the last week and now 11th.
After we find Stroppo at the 12th place but he was top ten the last week.
An other italian, TheDeinde at the 13rd place to complete the army of italian.
The next places are frensh (yeah!)with jupel (14) (me ^^ ), Fardlic (15), Vagna777 (16) and adridu57 (17).
To finish it's the turn of oposperitis (18), the only grec/english-speaker) at this rank, is has fight for the 10th place against me and for the effort he has done to stay il the top 20, i just want to give him a medals ^^.
I don't speak about the next one because i can't speak about everyone and i don't know the travels of all.
Congratulation to the elite of this season and i hope we will be more at the next one.

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Thanks for the effort of making this. I appretiate it very much, especially with the detailed explenations about the players. How did you figure out the amazingly high rating of il-pi-scarso2, because I have not found a single post of him in the forums yet. His Black Crow playskills are phenomenal in my opinion. I liked matching up against him a lot.

P.S. Dewit would you mind looking up which place I was at server reset, because I was 3rd between 00:30 and 3:00 and then went to bed. I want to be on the podium wink.

I will post the Top50 here. This is a copy of the post of ElPoyoDiablo in the french forum.

1 il-piu-scarso2
2 Arthas-91
3 Aakros
4 Rikersslash
5 -Chifi-
6 ElPoyoDiablo
7 VonDurBread
8 adfreas
9 GinjaaNinjaa
10 gultard8714
11 WarpYarik
12 Stroppo
13 Yuryzlo
14 jupel
15 Vagna777
16 Twiddystar51
17 Petitalphaman
18 Seraj
19 SlimyBruscolino
20 Qalandar
21 Urr4a
22 TheDeinde
23 Apoor
24 dragonss-fire
25 AurionSturmwind
26 exibito
27 njfan
28 dia-nose-G
29 Shoulin
30 Monoxide
31 tatoraia
32 LittleFreshman
33 paresseux-decontracte
34 AlexianAnder
35 jackk13
36 lukadr
37 zagaret
38 PresagioInesperado
39 hara-nips
39 Sakokerox100
39 saratogaforever
39 Kohlrabenschwarz
39 ininalia1
44 Ouroboros7
45 Otaku-Metalero
46 haphfhfhfsq
48 japoxxx
49 Draliion2014
50 aurelioss

il-piu-scarso2 remained in the first place after an amzing last season he finished dominant in the first place again. Arthas-91 was for a long time in the 2nd place and stayed there until the end. He climbed there from the 3rd/4th place last season. In 3rd place was a french player, who fought a long battle against myself for the 3rd place and won it so I finished in 4th palce.-Chifi- a russian player, played many intersting games against myself and ended the season in 5th place.

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