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Online tournament: the winners

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - April 26, 2016, 15:00:00

Which one of you was strong enough to get in the top 20 of our first online tournament? Find the answer here! 

Our online tournament is now over! For an entire week, there was non-stop fighting on the internet, and in the end, only twenty players remained...


  • 1st place: GinjaaNinjaa

  • 2nd place: -Chifi-

  • 3rd place: bziko

  • 4th place: WarpYarik

These four champions all win the virtual figurines of Wakfu, Stasis and Goldenrod Terminatot, as well as 10 standard krosboxes! 


  • 5th place: Urr4a

  • 6th place: fued

  • 7th place: Nipruha

  • 8th place: OaWser

  • 9th place: Irtiss

  • 10th place: kaedejeanm

These great players all win the virtual figurines of Wakfu, Stasis and Goldenrod Terminatot, as well as 5 standard krosboxes! 


  • 11th: Yuryzlo

  • 12th: STIVOTO

  • 13th: wowxxxxx

  • 14th: ice13gull

  • 15th: Merzok

  • 16th: fakajosh

  • 17th: Prasiatko

  • 18th: Jin-Jau

  • 19th: IcyTheWhitie

  • 20th: Rosie82

Finally, those contestant all win the virtual figurines of Wakfu and Stasis Terminatot, as well as 3 standard krosboxes! 

Congratulations to all contestants! Your prizes will be added to your account in the next few days: you will find them in the code and gift interface on our website. We will ring you when the prizes have been delivered. 

Thank you everyone, and we hope to see you again for another tournament! 

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The initial post stated:This event is separated by community, and only members of a given community will be taken into account in that community’s results, without interference from the others.Why is GinjaaNinjaa ranked among Russian players then? 

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This is a ranking for the "international" community, which is a combination of smaller communities that don't have their own website and/or forums. The English part of Krosmaster has become this as time passed. Therefore, the rankings were merged into the one you see here.

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Thanks ankama for this EVENT. I was a newbie at the time when the tournament started. At the very end, im really glad that i won something. It was worth of it ! Yea, and im shocked a little as well. Hope to see more tournaments from you guys ! smile I did not expect to win something since i found out there are thousands of better players than i am. (sorry for bad english but im not a native speaker)

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I hope that soon I will be able to see my nickname among these. Good luck for everybody!

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The rewards have been distributed! You can find them in the Ankama code page on our website. smile 

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It would be really nice if the rules of the event were a little clearer for the future.

Still, it's a good thing tournaments are back.

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Its weird, but i cant find my rewards. It says that i have 0 tokens / 0 gifts.

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I have the same problem i was in the german top 20 and i haved got my rewards yet.

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