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And Miss Triste 2015 is…

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - November 20, 2015, 17:30:00

Last November 11, we gave you the opportunity to vote for the “worst” figurine you’d ever encountered in all your days as a Krosmaster contender! The votes have finally been counted, and the happy arena victor is… 


Crocabulia! Their ungraceful form and lack of charisma clearly worked their charm on you! Because you should never forget that the Miss Triste contest exists solely for the purpose of celebrating flaws of every persuasion. And the more there are, the better! Dreamt up by an adventuress who was unfairly kicked out of the Miss Amakna contest, this celebration does homage to all those adventurers, male and female, who were hit by the ugly stick. Or who fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, more like...

The voting was very close and another figurine almost carried off the coveted title of the Krosmaster players’ least favorite figurine. But it is indeed Crocabulia that you’ll see gracing your arenas thanks to this single-use code: Krosmaster_MISSCROCABULIA

 Get your skates on, as this code is only valid from November 21 through 22!
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Um. They're all beautiful. No one is ugly. ALL FIGURES ARE BEAUTIFUL!

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Dewit|2015-11-20 17:30:00
Get your skates on, as this code is only valid from November 21 through 22!
Err, Nov 22 in which timezone.

This give away might actually end by the 21st in the US and when people are trying to enter the code on the 22nd in the US there are going to be a lot of unhappy people.

(This has happened in Wakfu a few times where the list a date according to the French side of things, but the US side date range is actually a day sooner. People in the US then act on the date range given and then find out their code is invalid even though they used the code within the proper time just not the proper French time. Just don't want you guys to get lambasted tongue )
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this game is shitty and impossible for beginners like every ankama game ever

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It's not impossible for beginners!
It has got many opportunities, like 5 FREE pieces after the tutorial (with 3 of them good for playing competitive) and other 5 FREE miniatures in weekly rotation.
You've got 10 FREE figures to play with!

Obviously, if you compare a newcomer with other experienced players, since it's a strategic skirmish game similar to chess, it could be difficult to win.
With a bit of humility, and patience, you will start to gather kroz and obtain more figures. This is all luck, depending on which character will you randomly find in the blind box pick.
Krosmaster is even a cool board game, and who plays it in real got the digital copy of the real miniatures owned by a code attached to the physical sculpture.

Since it has got a great strategy part, in the IT Forum we started a weekly appointment named [Krosmaster 4 Noobs] that follows new players and describe the 5 FREE weekly pieces in rotation proposing teams for playing.
That's a thing started from an idea of Tatoraia, a simple player like us, that involved other players like me to join this project.

The online EN community could do similar things, or directly translate the IT posts, to support newcomers.
This is the link to the last post (obviously in italian): Click here

We are a community of gamers, with passion for this game! So let's start to support each other and let the community grow.

Have a nice game! Matt. wink 

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And you can get more than enough Krosmoz for 11 random Krosmaster through the Adventures and Challenges with them + these points to craft yourself some!
Also you would gather experience playing these.

Then there are things like Miss Triste, where we can get Crocabulia, for the release i got Arty; I think there'll come more.

An example for Stragegy:
I played with my team, which has only a damage output of 5, against a Katar with two healers and two Koas. While he made his Katar to 32 HP, I killed his Koas, bought 2 GGs and because of two doubles, that we rolled, I won.

Surely one of the best games i discovered this year, and that since my first hours of playing it!

Have a nice game!

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wow i missed claiming it by one day im pissed... >sad and i kept checking too pretty often during the polls...

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Cokesmurf|2015-11-21 00:38:00
this game is shitty and impossible for beginners like every ankama game ever
A member for not even a year, and you feel like passing judgement on a game which you've probably not even considered taking the time to learn and understand... These kind of people annoy me to no end...

None the less, to not dwell on that comment, on to the topic at hand.
I wish I wouldn't have missed it! It seems like an awesome figurine with lots of potential, with the right mindset of course wink
IMO Ankama could have made the code usable for the rest of the month, for people like me and other players who might not have had a lot of time to check updates and therefore missed the date. But alas, Miss Triste will be held again next year wink
Hope whoever got it are happy and have found a way to use him/her?
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