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Patch note 1.7.0

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - November 03, 2015, 11:21:50

The following changes have been applied with patch 1.7.0:

Adventure mode

  • Four new worlds have been added to the Adventure mode: Brakmar, Moon, Forfut and Xelorium!
    • To access these worlds, you must finish the last mission of the previous world each time.

  • Added a window summarizing the objectives needed to win (or lose) the current mission.
  • The first few missions of Frigost have been balanced.

Improved content

  • Achievements menu:
    • It’s now possible to scroll up and down the achievement’s list by using your mouse wheel.
    • Added new achievements for opening Krosboxes.
    • Achievements for winning in Tournament mode have been fixed and will now work as intended.

  • During a match:
    • When hovering the mouse pointer over a character on the field, its character’s icon on the timeline will be highlighted. The opposite is also true: while hovering on a character’s icon in the timeline, this character will be highlighted on the field with a white outline.
    • In the Demonic Reward menu, the effects of each Reward will be shown by hovering over it, instead of clicking it.
    • Spells which can be used only once per game will be more noticeable on a character’s stat sheet.
    • The Loot power will now be activated if its owner dies by the hand of a Krosmaster or a summon (instead of just a Krosmaster).
    • Royal Tofu and Royal Gobball are now considered as a Tofu and Gobball (respectively) for the bonuses they give to the spells Dan To Fu (Queen of the Tofus) and Gobbolob (King of the Gobballs).

  • When finishing a Challenge or Tournament game, players will now be brought back to the menu page for this mode of game.
  • The tutorial explaining the Shop will now activate for new players after two online matches.

Bug fixes

  • Stats display: stats won’t stay on the screen forever if the player pushes the Alt key during a character’s spell animation.
  • Range bonus: fix a bug which cause Range bonuses to not function properly when the character is hit by a Range debuff while already having a Range bonus.
  • Range bonus: it will now appear correctly in the character’s stats sheet.
  • Demonic Rewards: DR bought at random will now show the correct picture in the DR bar.

  • Adamai: his Metamorphosis spell will now transform him as intended.
  • Katar: his Katarsik Link power will now be aggregated in a single line in his stats sheet.
  • Otomai: his Potion bag power will now apply correctly if he starts his turn next to Phaeris.
  • Poochan: her Karcham spell will no longer show opponents as valid targets (even if the spell couldn’t be used on them).
  • Qilby: his Treason spell will now transform him as intended.
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I'd like to know what happened with the weekly team purchases we could make before.

Thank you.

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