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Krosmaster: A new beginning

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - April 13, 2017, 12:00:00
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Your summoning rule change doesn't make should rethink it a little....

It works for some models, but invalidates others like crocabulia and dreggons....

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Very bad solutions to some overpowered models (kivin & judith). The summoning is even worse because I think is to counter a krosmaster that has not even been published yet.

If you have problems with some models, change the models not the generic rules!


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My impression is that the Summoning change is partially targeted at Lord Crow + SC. Still, I'm inclined to agree with your assessment of the rule change. Those guys should be bosses. The summoning rule change does not feel well thought out.

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To ban Poochan is absolutely unreasonable in my point of view. The comparisons with Henual and Theo are just unjustified. If a player is not able to count 3 cells for Poochans range, it's maybe not the right game... Henual and Theo both are able to push their allies AND do anything else like shopping or attack. Poochan is just able to do one of that. Just 5 HP with no resistance, no life stealing effects and no armor piercing. It's just like shooting sparrows with an artillery...

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The problem with Poochan is how much of an impact she had on the team for what she costs, meaning she's such a no brainer that as a game designer, you just have to assume she's in every team and factor it in for every single new profile you are creating, which is pretty much the same reasons that got Theo or Henual banned : the existence of their profiles and how it interacts with other team members was too much of a constraint for designing new profiles (as opposed to Klor Ofil and Arthur Bine which were banned because of how good they were on their own, and Goldenrod terminatot which was only banned due to low distribution)

Just compare it to other movment boosters which, incidentally are often level 2, making the comparison quite easy :

Khan : pushes 2 + 1MP
Kanniball Jav : pushes 3x1 at range, slight risk of injuries
Srammy : pushes 2x2, high risk of injury
Grim Preacher : pushes 2x1 at range in any direction
Luke : pushes 2 at range on 2 different targets, slight risk of injuries

see a pattern ? You get on average 3 extra squares and a slight bonus perk (e.g. Khan's 3rd square being an extra MP so you can move on the sides, Jav can push at range and spread it among diferrent targets). You can get an extra squares with a counterpart (Srammy can push 4 but will most likely wound the target), or one less square but with a good perk as a tradeoff (luke does it at range on two targets, Grim can push in any direction, dodging obstacles)

Then you get Poochan. For half the cost of what is now the lvl 2 movment booster trend, here's what you get :
- 4 squares movement boost
- can get past non LOS-blocking obstacles, both existing terrain or summons attempting to block the boost (none of the previously mentioned krosmasters can do that, that kind of ability only appear at lvl 3 with Anna and Yugo)
- can be threatening on up to 3 lanes in one direction, while you only have to block one lane to prevent a push from the aforementioned krosmasters.
- can move the target in different directions, making it even more difficult to block it

Having a profile that is a bit too good for its level, while admittedly annoying, isn't really such a big issue as long as it's good on its own. Perfect balance is hard to come by and you eventually learn how to deal with them with experience (e.g. Julith or Merkator) . The real problem arises when such a profile impacts the rest of the team and makes everyone/anyone else too good, to a point that it puts constraints on the future of the game and the design of new profile.

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would be nice i can play Krosmaster in android

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Dewit renewed the comprehrnsive and even made changes in tournament rules... But we can't praise him again as he failed to renew boss and ban lists...

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