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When and where are the QT's in the US?

By Traston#1908 March 13, 2017, 02:30:05
No information has been given on when and where these will occur? How are they supposed to have anyone participating if there is not any communication on when and where these will happen. Only seen crickets so far. Please let us know. It is unlikely I will be able to attend one, but it would be nice if the community at large knew so that those whom are compentative would know where to go to play.
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March 11 - Pax East - Boston, MA
March 25 - Adepticon - Chicago, Ill
May 13 - CMON Expo - Atlanta, GA
May 27 - KublaCon - San Francisco, CA (tentative)
June 18 - Origins - Columbus, OH
Aug 19 - GenCon - Indianapolis, IN
SEPT/OCT - Great Lakes Challenge - Toledo, OH
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