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World Championship: everything you need to know

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - July 05, 2016, 16:00:00
On July 16th, 2016, the second Krosmaster Arena World Championship will be held in Sevilla, Spain! Everything you need to know about the event can be found here.


Where? When?


The World Championship will be held at the Hotel NH Sevilla Plaza de Armas, in Sevilla (Spain). You can find information about the Hotel and its location by following this link.

The date is July 16th, 2016, from 10:00 AM to 8-9:00 PM. You will find the complete schedule further down. 


What are the rules?


The latest version of the Tournament Rules (version 2.4) will be applied. You can find it here.

Those rules include a certain number of changes compared to last year, including the price of GGs (who went from 10 to 12 kamas), and the new Tension roll rules from Krosmaster 2.0.

Please note that the Boss and Ban list have been updated with a few changes, and that characters from the Krosmaster Arena 2.0 set are banned for this tournament.


The championship will be played on this map:


Note that this map cannot be turned on the side, you will play it as you can see it here.

The tournament will proceed as follow:


  • Players will first play 4 Swiss rounds.

  • At the end of those rounds, the Top 8 players will enter a double elimination bracket.

  • Starting with the semi-finals (Top 4), players losing their match will go to the loser bracket and continue the tournament from there.

  • The final will be played between the winner bracket finalist and the loser bracket finalist.

Players will be able to change their teams between the Swiss rounds and the double-elimination brackets.


What‘s the schedule?


All time tables are given at Spanish time (GMT+2), and may vary slightly depending on player’s actions.

9:00 AM: Arrival of the players.

10:00 AM: Beginning of the Swiss rounds (four rounds in total).

2:00 PM: Lunch break.

3:00 PM: Quarter finals.

4:00 PM: Semi-finals (with loser brackets beginning here).

5:00 PM: Winner bracket final and loser bracket semi-finals.

6:00 PM: Loser bracket final.

7:00 PM: Tournament final; may require a second match if the Loser bracket finalist wins his first match here.



Who’s playing?


The top 4 players from every National championship were invited to the World Championship, as well as last year’s champion. The 20 players who answered our call are the following:



Current World Champion


Julien Otlet





Maxime Bisson

Jérôme Jambert

Paul Mandin





Sebastian Geiger

André Leonardi

Markus Nickoll

Wadim Reimche (German Champion)





Pietro Castelli (Italian Champion)

Andrea Constantini

Marco Crozzoletto

Luca Zanaica





Luis Del Rio

Jorge Nevado

Javier Morillas (Spanish Champion)

Jose A. Perez





Mike Caldwell

Thomas Crombie (US Champion)

Joshua Hipsher

Randy Navarro


What’s there to win?


The competing players can win the following prizes:

  • For every contestant: a signed playable map of the event, a commemorative t-shirt, and two Season 4 blind booster display (which will be send to the players as soon as the product is available in their own language).

  • TOP 8: one Cardboard Tube Samurai figurine, one Nemesis Samurai figurine, and one Missiz Freezz resin statuette.

  • TOP 4: one XXL figurine of the player's choice (if still in stock).

  • World Champion: a champion trophy, and the opportunity to design a Krosmaster’s profile for a future release.



Are there any side events?


Players who come to visit the event can try three upcoming games by Ankama: Kingz, Gang Rush: Detroit and Krosmaga! Demo tables will be open for everyone to try these new games.


On the side of the main tournament, there will be 4-players draft Battle Royale. Those wacky games pitch four players together in a Krosmaster melee, with prizes for everyone and a chance for the winner to keep going! (Participation fee required, see registration directly at the event.)

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Score : 53
French Champion and German 2nd cant get to the Worlds because of the travel costs. Look like it is something Ankama dont want to hear and tell the other players. Germans are only 4 because Sebastian is the substitute for me.
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Score : 29
Create a krosmaster? Geez, you could make a powerful krosmaster and the win all the championships..........
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Score : 237
Is there going to be anything from Ankama to purchase while we're there?
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KylitoBandito|2016-07-05 19:05:52
Create a krosmaster? Geez, you could make a powerful krosmaster and the win all the championships..........

Well, obviously, it will have to pass through our tests and balancing process before getting released. And it's not a figurine designed only for the champion: it's a profile that will get added to a future release, so everyone will have access to it. wink

hipsher614|2016-07-05 20:46:38
Is there going to be anything from Ankama to purchase while we're there?

I'm told that it will be possible to buy Krosmaster Arena 2.0 (in Spanish) during the event. smile
Score : 439

I have two questiones:
Will you be able to send prizes to us if necessary, since the germans can only take one backpack with us on the airplane?

Are we able to borrow figurines like it was possible last year? If so who is responsible for that?
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We will be able to send the prizes to you, no problem about that.

As for lending you figurines, you tell us this a bit late... What would you need exactly? Send me an Ankabox message as soon as possible, and we'll see if we can do something.
Score : 439
Hello Dewit I can not send you a message, because of this new friend list rule. Can you please add me to your friend list such that I can write you.
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Score : 692
Any info on livestreams?
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Score : 2
Seria bastante interessante haver transmissão, mesmo que não fosse ao vivo(o que seria o ideal), mas que pudéssemos assistir depois smile

também seria legal informar quais as equipes escolhidas pelos jogadores em cada partida, daí poderíamos aprender mais sobre estratégia e etc. Uma tabela com resultado e estatísticas da partida também seria muito bom.

Vlw! e bom campeonato a todos!
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Score : 126
Brazilians are always on top of the online leaderboards and even then Ankama does not take any action to have official championships here, this is a shame and a total disregard for their customer.
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Hmmmvot|2016-07-13 22:39:35
Any info on livestreams?

It looks like we will have a livestream available for the Championship, thanks to the help of local groups of players! I will wrap up all the info and post it as soon as I can.

I will also be there to provide you live news about the Championship. I will get everything I can: team compositions, player's rankings, current match in play, etc...

I will make a specific topic to follow the event.
Score : 4
So there will be a commented live like last year ?
Could you give us more information and a link please ?
(Please put it on FB too)
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