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World Championship 2016: a date and a place!

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - April 13, 2016, 17:00:00
The greatest champions of 2015’s season will soon battle in the highest tournament possible. In a lovely place, even…

The conclusion to organized play’s 2015 season is about to come. We have the players, we have the date, and we have the place! Without further ado, here they are:


Krosmaster’s 2016 World Championship will be held in Sevilla (Spain) on July 16th 2016!

We will come back to you (and especially to all the national champions) with further information soon.  Thank you for your attention!

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wow! That's great! I'm sure I'll take part in this competition .
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Hi, I am Andrea Costantini and I am one of the Italian qualifiers for the World Championship. Unfortnunately I still don't know if I'll partecipate to this competition, because the travel won't be offered by Ankama and it could be too expensive for a one-day tournament.
I'll wait to know the prizes and the exact timing of the event to take a decision about this opportunity.
I'm sad thinking about the farest community which probably won't partecipate due to costs.
I am here to ask why the Ankama has chosen this solution for this year and if this will be the policy for the next World Championship too.

Thanks and sorry if I made mistakes with my English.
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Hi everybody! I'm Stroppo, 2015 italian top 4 and this would be my second Wolrd Championship.

I'm very sad to hear that, in such a difficult moment for Krosmaster and his community (at least the Italian Community that I can see and feel everyday), Ankama will leave the Worlds expenses completely to the invited players.. and also in a not so logistically perfect location (even if for sure very suggestive) like Siviglia..

Some players are young student.. the expense will be to much..
In such a bad period for the game, with no new products on store since many months, with a continuous leaving of players, I think this would be the moment to invest, to give a strong sign to all the worldwide community that the game and Ankama are stille here, ready to restart for an amazing new year of new products and organised play. But it seems to me that Ankama sees Worlds not as a moment of marketing and promotion but like a simple cost.. I would ask why...

Believe me.. I love krosmaster.. everyday I try to do what I can to increase my local community... but such news are like a killing blow to me and to the game...

Why at least not repeat the same event as last year in Ankama?

Someone (like I do, even if I don't want to believe to) can interpretate this as the proof that Ankama is leaving Krosmaster day by day to his own destiny.. may be because of it's no more profitable.. may be because of there's no more money.. don't know.. but please tell me this is not, and that you will provide to create not a B-Wolds Edition.

Thanks for your answers,

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Hi, Im Marco Crozzoletto, one of the italians invited to represent Italy to Krosmaster World champion. I plenty share what my colleagues players feel about this new championship: disappointement... because this game looks really left to itself evermore... an important championship like the Worlds must be used for improve it, improve the community, enlarge it, using it for encourage new people to play (organizing side events and "learning" events open to all can be interested into it) but as my friends say it is really possible that lot of players cannot participate because of the money needed to reach the place, reducing it to a minor event with few player... no a good advertising for newcomers and old ones too.
A missed opportunity, shame....
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I am 2nd Place in the North America, and it is only through the goodwill of friends and family that I am able to go. They do this because of the amount of passion that I have held for the game for two years.

Even today I am proud of the work that I've put into the game even if it came at quite a bit of personal expense to get to tournaments that I did not personally run. (Our rules were that a Judge cannot participate, so it required quite a bit of travel to get to the nearest judge or regional.) So for me, actually winning an entry into the World Championship was a very meaningful experience. Even should I make a fool of myself in front of all the top players of the world, I can be proud of the effort I put into it to get there.

However, I am disappointed that it took Ankama so long to announce the venue. Even as far as here in America the rumors of Spain were in full swing as early as November, but Ankama was very silent on the issue. I feel that they've taken advantage of my passion, because as I've said no matter what I was going. But an earlier announcement would have lessened the cost as well as made it easier to budget.

I am further saddened that Ankama won't at least rent out a hotel for all the teams. And that we have no confirmation on rule set or legal pieces. I will try to continue to meditate on the issue and remain positive, at least in public. Because I don't want to put a tarnish on everything I've done to get this far.
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Hi everyone, this is Tom. 1st place US nationals 2015. I too am very disappointed at the direction Ankama has chosen to take Krosmaster. The World Championship is supposed to be something special, to help promote the game and strengthen the international community. Investing in the players is investing in the continued success of your brand. With the recent down turn everything seems to be taking, this move only seems to show that Ankama does not care about growing the community, and must be more focused on other things. This is truly a shame, because Krosmaster: Arena is a great game with near limitless potential. What's more, Ankama previously made an official announcement on the location of the tournament, which they waited over 1 year to announce was changing. Everyone that participated in their countries national tournaments did so under false pretense. This leads to mistrust in the company, which will be extremely difficult to recover from. I'd like to ask that you reconsider covering some of the expenses (at the very least, travel expenses). Without that, it appears many of the qualified players will be unable to reach Spain. The world championship tournament is supposed to be a meeting of the best players from around the world. Without all of us, it won't live up to it's full potential.
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Hi All!
I placed 3rd at North American Nationals in 2015 and this is definitely rough. I wish they could afford to cover our trips out there but I just don't think they have enough money to cover it. I know they never said they would cover everyone's trips and that the US players suffer the most in this situation. In the future, I don't think we can expect them to cover the costs for all competitors to come to the World Championships if they are going to allow the top 48 come to World's every year. With that said, I think this is just the beginning of that.

I also think that they should not change anything else because I know that people may already be buying their plane tickets for this date to secure the best prices. So, although it sucks for everyone, maybe you could all share a ride to get to Worlds (if you live within a day from there). I know that traveling to my Nationals, I had to travel the distance that many of you would have to travel to get to Worlds, so I understand the difficulty but would hope it would be possible.

I don't think this will kill competitive play but rather that it will look different in the future. It's a great game and I would hope that the pull for us to get to the World Championship isn't the only reason for us to play.

Last, I do think that Ankama needs to be more open and clear with what they are doing and allow much more time to plan/ expectation for everything. It just feels like Ankama isn't be open and honest about everything, which doesn't feel great.

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My guess is they will follow all this by announcing that 2.0 figures will be allowed in the tournament even though no other countries have got them or had time to test with them and the new rewards.
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I copy from another forum:

Hi All, I was 3rd for Spain last year in the world series, but this year I did not qualify. As my friends know, I lost interest and almost stopped playing because lately I travel a lot and I get tired of all the delays in the krosmaster figures (in fact now I am at the USA for a long time). For example, I love strange teams, and I want to try Anathar, but now it has a year delay, a year!

My case is not the only one, there is a general lack of interest in Krosmaster because of Ankhama attitude and all the delays. It is very sad that this has been scaled to the World Championship. They gave no warning of where it would be or when. And as they are not paying for the travels this is going to be extremely expensive. Furthermore, the location is not the best... Seville is a very nice city, but in summer it gets expensive and really hot (45 ºC). It would have been much better to have been done in March, mild temperature and cheap hotels (decent hotels for 30-40 € night). Furthermore, Seville has an small airport, so for most countries this means one additional plane change (more time and more expensive). Doing this in Madrid or Barcelona would have been a little bit cheaper. Notwithstanding, the best solution would have been to do it in Roubaix again, or in Paris at least. There they have all the infraestructure, a big place to do it for free, etc.

When you compare this year to the last one, it is really incredible. But this year it seems that in the end perhaps half the people will go and then it could be a tournament with 10-12 people, not too bad, but not very good.

I sincerely hope that the distributor or Ankhama at least pays the plane and travel, if not it would not be a truly "world" tournament. The main problem for me is the people from the USA, as their plane tickets are really expensive. However, it seems that all of them will go, so I am quite surprised....

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Vlad-Taltos|2016-04-21 23:21:20
The main problem for me is the people from the USA, as their plane tickets are really expensive. However, it seems that all of them will go, so I am quite surprised....
-I think only two of us are going to make it if there isn't more help from either the distributor or Ankama.
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Too bad about the travel costs - maybe next year?
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We might get to go this year. Nothing is written in stone yet. Fingers crossed! Either way, this game is fun. smile
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Perhaps there's a way for a match to be held online if it's an issue with travel costs.

Some of the rules can even be normalized with communication like the first player announcing where his units are starting before the match begins.

I mean there would be a few other discrepancies that wouldn't be able to be fixed, but it's an idea at least worth looking into.
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Some people from Seville have posted a guide to hotels and how to arrive and move in Seville. They have done a very nice job. I hope it will be useful to you!

Click here#more-1880
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