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Organized play: what’s new for 2016

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - February 26, 2016, 12:00:00
The 2016-2017 season of Krosmaster’s Organized play is about to begin. This year, QTs and national championships may open the gates of the World Championship for you!


Hello everyone! It’s time for us to talk a bit about tournaments in the coming year.

The new organized play season will begin in March 2016. For local tournaments, no changes on the horizon, with the exception of new prize kits, of course.

However, for bigger, more important tournaments, there will be some changes. We have prepared a brand new system that will give to the best players the ticket for the most prestigious tournament…


We will set a new ranking system, parallel to the current ladder, exclusively for organized play. To get points in this ladder, you will have to participate in QT (Qualifier Tournaments) or National Championships. The rankings will be international and allow players from all around the world to compete.

Every country which has an organized play structure in place can host 5 QT and 1 national championship during the season. QTs will accept players from all countries, with no restrictions. Countries dependent from another organized play structure (like Switzerland and Belgium, depending on the French championship) will be allowed 1 QT.

To qualify as a QT, a tournament must: have at least 32 contestants, be announced at least 15 days before the date on the official Krosmaster’s forums, and their results must be send directly to [Lescart] who will process the new ladder from it.

Every QT will offer the same prizes all over the world, but a small fee will be asked from the players to cover the cost of those prizes.


Participate in, or even better, winning one of those QT will give the players points in the new ladder, accordingly to their success:


  • Winner: 15 points

  • Second place: 8 points

  • 3rd to 4th place: 5 points

  • 5th to 8th place: 3 points

  • All other players: 1 point


National championships will also give out points, but in slightly bigger bulk, as it is appropriate for such important events:

  • Winner: 40 points

  • Second place: 20 points

  • 3rd to 4th place: 10 points

  • 5th to 8th place: 6 points

  • 9th to 16th place: 4 points

  • 17th to 32nd place: 2 points

  • All other players: 1 point


All QTs must take place between March 1st and October 31st; once the season is complete, the rankings will be locked and the top 48 players will be qualified for the Krosmaster World Championship 2017!


“Wait, 2017? What happened to 2016?” are you probably saying right now. We’re currently studying and organizing the event, and as soon as we have info to share about it, you will be informed, we promise.


Krosmaster’s 2016-2017 season will start pretty soon! For your demands of QT organization and any question you may have, please contact [Lescart] by Ankabox messaging. Until then, start your training, the competition will be harsh this year!

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So basically USA players have a 0% chance of going to worlds because we are spread out over a greater distance than all the other countries. Well... lets be fair, if someone wealthy wanted to they could travel all over the world spending tens of thousands of dollars to attend QTs at countries where they actually have 32 people at one event on a regular basis. Thank you for alienating our entire country.
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Score : 212
We should be able to send 1 person, maybe 2. There is going to be a QT and National championship at gencon I believe, if that is still the plan. That should allow someone to get up to 55 points, but likely at least 45. Another person will have 25-35 points from that and if they went to another convention more locally that had a QT they could hit 50 points as well.
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Score : 29
Oh wee, another resonon to spend 10000$ going to france while im waiting for the season 3 tournament kit for 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Score : 180
So countries in Europe the same size as one of our states gets to have the same amount of QTs. Plus they only need to travel hours to get to them while we either fly or spend days in a car. Sounds fair to me.
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Score : 3
US gets screwed out of the competitive scene. CMON is already forcing Nationals to be over early in the year @ Gencon. I guarantee CMON doesn't host a single QT in the US. "How can we stop US players from coming to Worlds while unfairly catering to smaller countries with less growth."
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Score : 344
This is a nice idea in theory, but it obviously has a lot of problems that need to be addressed. The fact that USA, which is larger than all other participating countries combined, and much further spread out can have 5 QTs, as opposed to 22 QTs in a much smaller area to me seems absurd.
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Score : 98
Indeed. This system is a good idea, but cannot be applied to realities like the US (and canada) with the same brush. QT's should be assigned on a player number basis (more numerous areas get less QTs) or some country size factor should be allowed. Unless Ankama does what it usually does and doesn't give a **** about expanding markets.
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Score : 773
Astolphe1981|2016-02-26 20:38:36
Indeed. This system is a good idea, but cannot be applied to realities like the US (and canada) with the same brush. QT's should be assigned on a player number basis (more numerous areas get less QTs) or some country size factor should be allowed. Unless Ankama does what it usually does and doesn't give a **** about expanding markets.

To this effect, I'm not sure whether Canada or the US is screwed more. On the one hand, Canada has a much smaller player base, so it would be hard to even get 32 players together in one place, much less over the land mass that is, well, Canada. On the other hand, there are realistically only 3 to 5 population centers where such an event would even take place. 1 person could reasonably attend 1 event if they lived in or around BC, Ontario or Quebec, but are unlikely to be able to attend more than that without a long and expensive flight. At best, please in the Quebec/Ontario region who are bilingual (not abnormal for that region) could attend 2 events with a bit of a road trip.

On the other hand, the US has much more population density, and it's more evenly distributed. There will be a lot more places with largish player bases who are not close enough to attend any events, much less only 1. Were there an event in Vancouver I would be able to attend the 1 event, but the player Group in Salt Lake city is probably straight out of luck without a lengthy road trip.
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Score : 98
Of course, I was making my consideration based on the idea of USA as main tournament base, and Canada (sigh) the small satellite thingy that orbits around it smile
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Score : 29
Well, i hope tournament kits are becoming easier to find and buy in US. I am sick of buying from france........
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Score : 773
Astolphe1981|2016-02-27 02:06:51
Of course, I was making my consideration based on the idea of USA as main tournament base, and Canada (sigh) the small satellite thingy that orbits around it smile

Of course, it is actually possible things may be organized this way. At the very least, both (English) Canada and the US have the same distributors.

If it *is* set up like this, then the best case scenario is "Here's one event in Toronto. !@#$ you everyone else in Canada!"
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Score : 42
Are you kidding?!

The UK doesn't even have 32 players interested in Krosmaster. Myself and my friends make up 80% of the Krosmaster scene here in the UK.
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Score : 1698
I think that 32 players, at the actual situation of the game, are too much to gather for a QT.
Maybe the last year, in the beginning, before the continue delays of release dates, before the missing Quest/Season 4/Piwate Island/Duel Pack 3 32 players were possible to find organizing events in Games' Fairs.

Actually, with many people that gave up the organized game (playing just online or at home), and with missing support to organized games spreaded before this announcement, things are "a little bit" more complicated... And with Ankama that put greater attention on the online than the real game (at least, this is my personal perception as customer), things aren't easy.

Krosmaster got a stain diffusion in many countries... Wider countries got more distance between groups of players, usually composed by a few players (one "promoter" of the game and his friends).
France is doing this kind of organization for competitive play since the last years, so french player used to go to Games' Fairs and gather there for events like QTs.

Other countries, like Italy for example, are trying to adapt to this decision from Ankama but finding minimum 32 players for an event is now harder... Even with the passion for the game that persists in Italy.
I imagine that for other countires, like the US or Canada (even Russia) gather 32 players together is a real pain...
Maybe Ankama could take consciousness of the actual situations outside France, and "personalize" the minimum number of players for the different countries.

This system is pretty good, because it push players to play in all possible events and gain points for the International Ladder.
I like this system but, as I said to many other persons involved in Krosmaster here in Italy, 32 players is too high as minimum number of players for a QT.

My 2 cents. Matt.
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Score : 692
Russia is in a pretty shitty spot at the moment with the new rules.

We have about 50 active players in Moscow (with small groups and no tournaments in other cities), but the biggest event we've managed to gather was 24 people at once, usually our tourneys get 15-20.
I'm not sure it's at all possible to get an event this size in the nearest future.

But we'll strive.
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Score : 773
Vragar|2016-02-28 15:56:51
This system is pretty good, because it push players to play in all possible events and gain points for the International Ladder.

I just want to focus on this for a moment because this system is not at good for a number of countries for precisely this reason. It's quite easy for someone who doesn't live in Canada, the US or Russia to underestimate just how large they are. The reverse is also true, but not really relevant here.

Consider the scenario I stated earlier. If there is only 1 event in Canada, and it's not unreasonable to assume that will be the case, then it will almost certainly be in Toronto. For me to get to Toronto, I would need to go significantly further than I would if I were going from London to Moscow. It would probably cost me more, too. Domestic flights are not cheap in Canada. If I wanted to attend events in the US, I face similar problems which are compounded by the fact that I'm talking about international travel. The only place where an event might be held that I could *possibly* reach in an over-the-weekend capacity would be Seattle, and even that is a 3 or 4 hour drive once you factor in border wait time.

In this regard I'm even one of the lucky ones. Not only do I live in the third largest city in the Country, but I'm also within driving distance of Seattle. People who live in Ontario are a little better off than me. Most everyone else in the Country is probably in a worse position.
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I've been in US and Canada sometimes, doing always fly and drive to enjoy the countries (good times, by the way... Far ago), so I've got an idea, doing proportions with maps and the drived parts, of how wide they are. smile

That's the problem here. The game in such countries isn't supported and distributed in local stores. There are games/cards local store basically in every mall in US and Canada, so if the game is going to be properly spread by publishers there could be a chance to make it a solid reality in those countries.

This operation requests a great amount if money and a solid commercial plan, trying to launch Krosmaster as a really international game.
It hasn't got the crowd of other minature games like WH (the same would be true for every ccg that will face MTG as the main antagonist), but Krosmaster is a pretty good tactical game.

There are marketing levers to use, like the TV Series Wakfu and Dofus, and the whole paper material of the Krosmoz... But doing that is indeed an investment of money.
I've talked about this even with our local publisher.

Things are not mature for this kind of operation. There was soooo many changes in Ankama, from the leaving of Jerome Peschard to the change of production sites (from China to Vietnam, if I remember correctly) that created all this delays in the release dates.
Things are now settled on (at least I hope so), and must go better in the immediate future to don't disattend the customers' trust.

So I'm waiting to see how things will change.
The whole re-design of the organized game is a good thing, because it shows that Ankama noticed that the previous system wasn't ideal for this game.
The next step could be to assemble an international focus group, taking people from players (that are even customers), and start reasoning Krosmaster as an international game (if these are Ankama's wills, of course) outside from the French country.

When this mind-step will be done, Krosmaster is going to be ready for becoming the game that it should have been from the beginning... Because the game is cool, and it deserves that.

My other 2 cents.

Have a nice game! Matt.
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Thank you all for your feedback.

We will be discussing this internally, and if we can find an arrangement for the US market's specificity, then we will inform you of this.
Score : 595
Yeah, rather than limit the number of events to nation I'd instead set it up to a number of events to region. I mean the distance from the West Coast US and the East Coast US is a greater distance apart than the majority of all of your tournaments in the EU yet in the EU you'll be able to get a ton more points.
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Score : 98
I think a lot of people will agree with the removal or lightening up of the 32 player limit for the US Mr. Dewit Sir! tongue
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