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Rules updates for Season 2

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - May 23, 2014, 11:43:49

New season, new rules! As Season 2 slowly approaches its release, we have decided to dust up the rules a little bit, making the game more balanced and changing the metagame. Discover all the new rules here!Season 2 is quite a huge change to Krosmaster already, with its lot of new figurines. But we will now shake up the status quo even more with this update of the rules.

After more than a year of gaming and tournaments, we now have a better view of what might be unbalanced in the game, and we decided to change some of the more problematic aspects. A small number of rules have been touched upon: Critical and Armor dice, Mobs and Mechanisms, Demonic Rewards, GG tokens… We have also included all the new keywords inherent to the Season 2 figurines.

You can find all those changes in a practical little pamphlet that you can print. Here is the download link:


Those rules will be legal in tournaments once Season 2 is officially released; we will keep you updated on the exact date.

For those of you who want to know the rules inside and out, we’re also giving you the Tournament rules as well. While not useful on your average game, it is important for you to know how Krosmaster behave in a competitive environment, if you're inclined to this kind of venture. 

That’s all for today. See you soon! 
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I appreciate having the pdf of the rules changes, but the translations on a lot of the rules seem... really really bad.

To the point that I'm honestly not sure if the document is useful beyond confirming the translations of the rules spoilers put up elsewhere on these forums. This is especially problematic with the "revealing DR" change where it says that a player can only reveal one demonic reward during their entire turn, then all pronouns in the paragraph refer to things that are attributes of characters (like their level). It seems clear that the intention was to make it so that a player can only reveal one demonic reward per individual character activation, but as it's actually written here the rule is far more restrictive. There are also bits (like the rules for Luck) that seem to have just been put through Google Translate

Like I said, I do appreciate the effort that went into the document - layout editing is a complete pain. But I'm still extremely worried that this is the final version of the translation.

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Question about Prospecting:

It states that when you defeat an opponent's Krosmaster with a allied Krosmaster, you gain kamas equal to the number of units you control with prospecting. Does that mean that if a summon token knocks out an opposing Krosmaster, your Prospecting triggers don't occur?

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Luck: Lucky when she casts a spell WATER, a game room with this power launches an extra die when jet critical strike. When she is the target of a spell WATER, a game room with this power launches an, she launches an extra die when jet armor.
Sorry, where in the rules do the explain "game room", "jet", and "launching"?

I appreciate trying to get the new rules out in English, but this looks very similar to my results when I ran the rules through Google translate. We need a better translation than this.
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Imho i found several mistakes in the Season 2 rules, going to post em soon.



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Yo dawg, I improved your rules:


Season 2 introduces new rules, which add or replace the existing rules. In case of conflict, the rules of season 2 rules overrule Season 1 rules. As a reminder, rules already published in other products of the Krosmaster series also apply here.


A Krosmaster whose name is written in Black letters can only be present 3 times max in your team.


Demonic Rewards: When setting up the game, do not reveal any Demonic Reward tokens. During the first turn, the First Player can only make random purchases. At the beginning of the second turn, reveal 1 demonic reward per rank (EX: 1 Granite, Jade, Gold and Ruby each). Then, at the end of the second turn, reveal 1 additional demonic reward per rank. After the second turn, the game proceeds as normal.


Range Tokens: A character that begins their turn with any number of range tokens applies their effects similar to how they would apply +/- AP or MP tokens, then removes them to signify it as a 1-turn effect. In this case, range tokens modify the Maximum Range of all that characters' spells either positively or negatively, with the following two exceptions:
>Maximum Range of a skill can never be lowered below it's Minimum Range
>Range modifications only affect abilities with adjustable (Green) range displays. Fixed (Red) range spells are neither affected positively or negatively.


Buying a GG (Updated):
Only 1 GG can be purchased from a shop location per Player Turn.

Revealing a Demonic Reward (Updated):
On each Krosmaster's turn, they may only reveal a single Demonic Reward attached to them. A Krosmaster can still have a maximum Demonic Reward count up to his level and can still have several Demonic Rewards revealed and active, but they may now only reveal up to one on their character per turn.


Critical/Armor check (Updated):
Instead of dealing +1 damage per successful Critical die and -1 damage per successful Armour die, instead count up total number of successes on both sides. If the Critical roll has more successes than the Armour roll, the attack deals +1 damage total. In the same respect, if the Armour roll yields more successes, reduce the damage taken by -1 total. If both rolls have an equal number of successes, the damage isn't modified.

This additionally applies to Critical rolls made on Healing spells. Instead of applying total successes, any number of successes will always improve the heal by +1 total.

Spell Use Limit (New):
Any spell with a Purple background has the restriction "Once per Target (per turn)". You may still cast the spell as many times as you want (with normal cost restrictions), but you cannot cast the spell multiple times against the same target.

Summon Mob Restrictions (Updated):
The limit to how many copies of a mob you may have summoned simultaneously is now limited per team as opposed to per character, even though that information is found on the character. (EX: If you have 2 copies of Makum Buh on your team, your team may have up to 2 Sacrificial Dolls at a time. Under the old rules, each copy of Makum Buh would be allowed 2 Dolls. Bottom Line - multiple copies of the same summoner doesn't expand the limit on that summon)

These same rules also apply to mechanisms.


Multiple Targets:"Multiple Targets" is an extra effect of a spell, much like "Pierces Armor" or "Steals Health". A spell with "Multiple Targets" changes its targeting to affect EVERY possible area that spell could target all at once. (EX: If you use a Melee attack with "Multiple Targets", it will affect every adjacent square as opposed to just one)

For the new areas of effect, probably just better to look at the picture. Axe Area sweeps in a small arc around you, going in either direction (your choice). Hand Zone (labeled as Needle Zone) affects the targeted cell as well as two cells directly behind it in a line. As a result, Hand Zone is only attached to attacks that shoot in a straight line. Breath Zone (Labeled as Blast Zone) is basically a reverse Hammer Zone, shaped like a cone (or breath).


Mobs (Updated):
Mobs by default no longer interfere with Line of Sight. Everything else still works as normal (Locking Rules, treated as characters, etc.)

A mechanism is not a character, so it ignores the Lock Rules. There are 3 categories of mechanisms, 2 of which you should know:
>Bombs are obstacles that do not interfere with line of sight.
>Traps are not obstacles and don't interfere with line of sight.
>Turrets (NEW!) are both obstacles AND block line of sight. As a reminder, they still don't Lock units.

A turret is a summoned mechanism. Note that they all have the "Blocking" power, which means they interfere with line of sight.Turrets come in three varieties: the Guardian, the Harpooner, and the Tacturret.


Chance: Whenever a character with Chance casts a Water spell, they roll an additional die on the attack. Additionally, whenever a character with Chance receives damage from a Water spell, they roll an additional die on the defense. Because this power is separate from Critical Hit or Armour, it does stack with them allowing a potential maximum of 3 dice on attack or defense!
An identical ability exists for each other element. Air = Agility; Earth = Strength; Fire = Intelligence.

Wisdom: When an allied Krosmaster with this power defeats an enemy Krosmaster, it rewards you 1 additional GG as a reward. Be careful though, for if an allied Krosmaster with this ability is defeated, it rewards the enemy 1 extra GG.

Whenever an allied character defeats an enemy Krosmaster, you are rewarded 1 kama from the reserve per unit you control with Prospecting (EX: If 3 characters on your team have Prospecting when you defeat an opponent, you gain 3 kamas from the reserve)

The first time each turn a Krosmaster with this power makes a Demonic Reward purchase:
>It does not cost any AP
>A Jade Reward only costs 5 kamas (from 6)
>A Gold Reward only costs 10 kamas (from 12)
>A Ruby Reward only costs 15 kamas (from 18)
(A Granite Reward's cost cannot be reduced below 3 kamas)

If a Krosmaster with this power picks up any number of kamas, they gain 1 additional kama at the end of their turn.

Loot (X):
This power is reserved specifically for mobs, and is actually a detriment rather than a benefit. If an enemy unit defeats a character with Loot (X), they immediately gain X kamas from the reserve. Loot values are different based on the mob (it will always be listed on the token).

Any unit with this power interferes with Line of Sight.

Itty-Bitty (Updated):
A character with this power ignores Locking rules, which means they cannot inflict Lock or be Locked by other characters. (No longer affects line of sight rules)

Hopefully this makes it easier for people.
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Although it has taken a long time to mistranslate a document that should not take more than 10 minutes, I must admit that the translation has introduced some very funny game mechanics. I assume the rules that go out with season 2 will be correct.

Looking forward to seeing how they play out. I just wish that the introduction of season 2 rules was better managed but japananime has a very aggressive schedule for a small company. I just hope something does not backfire.

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Hey come on guys! That was a joke! They Google Translated the document just to tease us a bit...

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Big changes, looks like meta will change. No longer will turn 1 demonic rewards decided the fate of the game. The updated Critical/Armor check is big, Quentin Flush came out to be the big winner with the update as its damage is affected the least.

New powers and range tokens will add new flavours to the game. I think Bill Tell spam will be back in my game shop. I like the update, looking forward to season 2, can't wait 

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