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House Rule: the Time Warp Cyclones

By October 30, 2016, 13:53:49
Time Warp Cyclones.
This things are nasty.

The ideia come for the 2016 Map Contest, and fortunately was discarded, because it really unbalances the game.

I've been trying it since then and I've observed how it really shakes the earth in some situations...

The house rule is very simple:
-Every time a krosmaster ends his activation in a warp cell, his card goes to the top of the player's time-line (no matter the Initiative values).

The warp cell is not an obstacle, is just a drawing on the floor. You should use no more than 4 of them.

I want to share the ideia because it really brings up fun surprises, specially when using low level characters.

Give it a try
Paulo Pereira
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