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English Youtube and Twitch channels now live!!!

By swtchbldbndt#6925 June 02, 2016, 19:49:22
Hi there!!! My name is JJ but you can call me the swtchbldbndt!!! ( switchblade bandit w/o the vowels:] ) I have started a new Youtube channel and a new Twitch channel where all the content will be Krosmaster!! I have a few videos uploaded already to my YouTube channel>>>> Click here and many more on the way, you can expect 6 new videos a week!!! These videos will each be one game in which something fun or educational happens in each one. Maybe I get Merkator in Krolossium, maybe I lose to a tricky Anna Tommy swap that I never saw coming, maybe I get a ranked match against a team I have never seen before and it operates very well. Basically if it's a good/interesting game, I will most likely upload a video of it!!

The overall goal is to raise awareness of this great game before it fades into obscurity in the US. So if I can entertain some people while they check out the game, great. If I can help someone learn something about the game to help them, that's even better!! Really though I'm just here to play the game I love and hope other people will see and find it interesting enough to give it a try!!

I also stream live on Twitch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I announce the time I will be streaming on the Tofu Alliance Facebook page>>> Click here and also I will try to update here every time I am streaming!! Also stay tuned for my GIVEAWAY announcements!!! I was very graciously donated codes for random Krosboxes and I usually give one away every Friday and if we can get enough steady viewers maybe I can get Ankama to throw a little something (codes plz? :] :]) my way!! You can check out my Twitch page here>>> Click here

Well I hope to see some of you there and to everyone who already watches, THANK YOU!!!! I wouldn't be able to do this with zero audience so to my few very faithful watchers out there, you really mean a lot to me, you guys are the real MVPs!!!!

The swtchbldbndt
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Going live tonight at 8PM CST! That means in roughly four hours from this post we will be live and playing all the krosmaster we can fit in there. Come hang out or be square(or have life responsibilities).

If you want the game to grow, or at least not DIE, then you need to get in here and enjoy the kros.
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Live now.

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Ill be live in about five minutes!!! Come watch for the chance to win a prize AND stay tuned for the announcement of a very special code giveaway that will be happening in the upcoming weeks!!! Come watch some good games and have some fun!!

TWITCH >>>>>> Click here
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If you don't join us, the terrorists win.
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In case everyone didn't see the announcement on the Tofu Alliance Facebook page, I AM GIVING AWAY A TERMINATOT CODES!!!!!!!!!!

The way it is going to work will be like this: For the next 3 weeks whenever I stream if you are watching while I am live AND type this phrase "GIMME YOUR TOTS" you will be entered into the drawing for the tots. Also, you can enter more than once, but only once per day that I am streaming.

After the three weeks is up I will put an entry in a bucket for every time you entered and one lucky first place person will win the elusive GOLDENROD TERMINATOT to add to their online collection!!!! Second place will win a STASIS TERMINATOT code and third place will win a WAKFU TERMINATOT code!!!! So come check me out on Twitch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to enter for a chance to put some tots in your collection!!!

Since I had a very short stream yesterday (6-15-16) night, for everyone that wasn't able to make it last night for a chance to enter to win the Tots, you may post a comment here with the phrase "Gimme your tots" and you will be entered to win!!!!! Thanks to everyone and a special thanks to all my loyal fans!! biggrin 
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