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Misprinted Captain Amakna?

By EnkiEternal#4401 April 24, 2016, 21:02:45
Hey, I was looking at my Captain Amakna figure today, and after doing a little research on krosfinder and google images, I think there might be something up with my card.

I was given the merkator and Amakna duel pack by my local gaming store since I was the only person really interested in krosmaster at the time. I never really questioned it since I didn't use Amakna very much, but I started writing a script for my youtube channel kros examination and I noticed my card was off.

Using this version of the card from, it differs in a number of ways. The order of the attacks is different, and the attack discoslide is discoplane on my card. His type is avenger instead of vigilante. The powers area is written 'pouvoir,' which I believe is french, though the abilities are english and the ability "kronice" is "Krommendable" on my card.

I actually found a copy of the french card as well on google images.

This one actually seems to line up better with my version in terms of attack order, and of course the french word for power. When comparing I seem to have a french/english hybrid card.

I was just curious if this was a known misprint issue or if I had anything unique on my hands, and whether anyone else had a north american Captain amakna card to compare it to, in case the Krosfinder version was off for any reason. Thanks in advance Krosmaster community.
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My Duel Pack Captain Amakna seems to have an identical misprint, which suggests that they misprinted a whole run of the cards.
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Yep, my Captain Amakna is a French/English hybrid too!

Sorry for getting off topic, but in your Boo Ming video there's an error, Lil' Healy can only attack once or heal twice unless you have a DR. (Forbidden Word is 4 AP and Healing Word is 3 AP) I enjoy your Kros Examination series though, so keep up the good work!
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The second picture you have linked come from the old 2D version of Krosmaster online. That would explain the differences between the two cards.

Incidentally, the online version was the "correct" one, using the subtype Vigilante. The English printed card had the mistakes you've pointed out on your first picture. (I can't confirm there was another printing of that card in English, though)
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Yep! Italian's Captain Amakna cards got the same misprint.
Our local publisher printed the correct version of the cards and gave them to shops, for a free change to all asking players.

The correct working for Captain Amakna's power is this one (I've taken that from Krosfinder):

As long as Cap is in play...
- All Vigilante allies of Cap gain +1HP to their maximum.
- All Level 3 or higher allies gain +1MP and +1AP to their maximum.

Obviously if there is a piece that is a Vigilante AND Level 3 or higher it will takes ALL bonuses from Kronice (+1HP, +1MP and +1AP).
Actually there is just Black Crow that cover both requirements; as Duel Pack #3 will be released, the new Justice Knight Jr. will cover both too.

For the English cards, even the Alternate Art version (drawned by Nicola Saviori) got the correct version of Cap's power.

Have a nice game! Matt.
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Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing that up. And thanks for the kros examination feedback. I'lloyd have to watch my fact checking in the future.
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