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Krosmaster Customization Questions!

By May 29, 2015, 01:05:51
Hey there, everyone! I'm a new player to Krosmaster, having picked up Arena (and a bunch of other Krosmaster stuff) at Anime Central this year.

I love the look of the figs..But are there any do's or do not's as far as customization goes?

I have access to things like washes and gundam markers (the thin panel line kind, which are oil-based), so I was wondering if these would react badly with the krosmaster figures.

And, of course, what else reacts badly for future potential customization.
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Probably don't make any figures that will scratch the board, for a number of reasons.

If you're talking rules stuff, just make sure all your wording is correct (compare it to other characters and how they're written), and try to keep things within their respectable levels. Also, avoid making anything higher than level 6.

The only thing in the game that has any real consistency regarding design is Level 1 characters. They always have 5 AP, 3 MP, and have 1-2 attacks that should all cost 5 AP to use. There's only one exception in the game and that's Mike Locke at 6 AP, but to be fair he also has a crippling 2 MP and 4 HP, and is legendary. They also generally don't have any powers (passives), and while you can put powers on them you need to be really careful because that's one of the easiest ways to break Level 1 characters (EX: Phaeris and Moe Lawr are incredibly stupid as level 1's just because of the stupid amount of bonus power they have from their passives)

Level 2 and above doesn't really have the same sort of restrictions on design, just try to be reasonable. If a level 2 can attack multiple times per turn, make sure there's a good reason for it (Ayan is limited to melee range on attacking 3 times and is super fragile, Luk Ylook has similar issues), and if it's a utility focused level 2 try to make their utility limited in effectiveness otherwise they will be dominating in efficiency (EX: Henual. Just, Henual. For 2 points on your team, you have all the buffs you want for almost nothing)

Once you hit Level 3, all of your characters should have at least 2 spells. Level 3 characters shouldn't have 3 spells unless there's a good reason for it (EX: Adamai needs it for his transform mechanic)

All Level 6 characters should have at least 3 spells. Most Level 5 characters should have at least 3 as well, though I suppose its possible to get away with 2 (Victor Don Voom).
Only Level 6 characters should be able to have 4 different spells.

Otherwise, go nuts. Please be really careful with Level 1-2 characters since they are definitely the hardest to balance.
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