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Real injury markers, action and movement points

By April 03, 2015, 20:37:41
Hi all,

After having bought resin scenery, resin dolls and monsters and metal Kama, I was looking at the cardboard injury markers and markers for the movement and action points.
And I had to find those too for "real"
So here's how I play it now:
- injury markers replaced by red mosaic nuggets. I found these in three sizes (4mm for the -1, 6mm for the -2 and 8 mm for the -5)
- movement points replaced by green square mosaic tiles (Ottoman Treasure Pixel 8mmx8mm)
- action points replaced by blue square beads (9mm)

Anyone interrested, I bought them at these places:
nuggets at
green squares at (bag of 50gr)
star beads at (item KBL 02368)

Takes the game to a whole new level!!!

Take care!
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These are pretty awesome!

One would also need to carve or paint pluses and minuses on them to reach full usability, but otherwise very cool.
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The green mosaic tiles have a rough side (minus side) and a polished side (in picture)
The blue stars are hard plastic, but easy to make a small carve for the minusses.

Love it really!
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I use red d10s for my injury counters. I'd considered getting some blue and green dice as well for movement/action modifiers.
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