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Semi official House Rules

By Chanoko#1427 July 09, 2014, 20:16:14
While playing with some friends, and bored about all of the same teaming or same tactics we have thought in a semi official house ruling for our plays.

Recently we're having few time to play so instead of just testing rules while playing, I want to share some ideas for all of you to feedback about some pros and contras. This, knowing some basic things about the game intentions; we know the HP isn't high in average for the game being fast, for example.

Also, if you have something to add we're glad to receive it, could it be general rule or individual card.

That said, here are our points, that has to do with general stuff:

1- The game tries to boost tactic against luck, but that doesn't mean some moves should be just yes or yes: Any spell of an enemy token, that causes injuries, should end in the placement of, at least, an injury marker in order to place any other marker that the spell could cause.

2-Farming kamas to boost a single member isn't the whole problem, is the ability to teleport the reward instantly to the one who need it: The Krosmaster who buys a reward keeps the reward. As long as it is faced down, it could be passed to an adjacent Krosmaster for 2AP

I have more but I'll post them as soon as I organize it, so, what do you think? Please post feedback and house rules as you like smile

*Edited based of some friends good points*
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As a Nox player, I'm not a fan of rule 1. Skills like Time Theft that have 0 Damage and a side effect will be far too risky. The point of using the 4 AP for that spell is to weaken the targets next turn while buffing yours, with extra damage and debuff if you're lucky. Rule 1 would make it a completely High-Risk High-Reward situation, only appealing with Cards that increase the damage like Ice Dofus and Aqua Buff.

Rule 2 I can agree with some. It would discourage against having a low level token in the back as a shopper, and push the krosmasters to the front lines. I would imagine most Kros would buy their own Demonic Rewards, but there is some value to spending 3AP on a weaker Champion's turn to transfer a good reward to a stronger one.
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I understand what you say about the rule 1. It doesn't just has this point to talk about but also it makes the rule to work differently if you hit an enemy or if you hit a friend. I was ok with it being a little intricate but it's okay as a general rule. If it affect single Krosmaster spell, however, it could be bad to not replanting it.

We wanted something that can nerf that part of the game where debuff is a fact. It is too predictable but nobody can do anything about, then by result, abusable. Only solution for that is to house rule the cards by separate too... Well, too bad.

Thanks for the feedback, it's good you liked the 2nd one. Hope more people get interested on this.
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Before, I didn't understand what your goal with rule 1 was, but now I'll try to help out since you gave that nice explanation.

Since your goal is to make debuff more luck based than guarantee Rule 1 may meet your goal but I felt it made these spells too unappealing. Most of these abilities have a cost around 3-4 AP because of the extra effect, so I don't think it would be a good idea to use that spell when you could just hurt the enemy in most cases.

Option 1: Reduce the AP of these spells by 1 with Rule 1, so that when the chance isn't on your side you won't lose as much.

Option 2: Make the side effect based on Lock/Dodge rolls for success with Lock as offense and Dodge as Defense. I would think this could work in two ways.
2a: Roll a Second time for the Effect. Ex. Nox is given Lock and uses Time Theft on Yugo with Armor. They first roll for damage which results in 0, and then roll for the AP Steal with 1 Lock and 0 Dodge for a successful debuff.
2b: Add an extra die to the damage roll for the Lock and Dodge Powers, but with a max of 2 on both Damage and effect. Ex. Nox has Critical and Lock Powers and uses Time Theft on Yugo with both Armor and Dodge. Nox Rolls for 3 Critical and Yugo gets 2 Armor and 1 Dodge. With the max of +2 to Damage, we see 0(spell damage) +2(Critical Roll Max) -2 (Armor Roll) = 0 Damage and 0 Lock and 1 Dodge so the effect is negated.

For 2b the 2 useful roll max affects all powers (Critical, Armor, Dodge, Lock) in this instance. In the event of a tie (ie. 1 Lock 1 Dodge,) I think the effect should activate since it's easier to get Dodge than Lock, but that can be left to the players.

All of these suggestions are for Spells with 0 Damage and apply an AP or MP debuff, I don't think they should be used for 0 Damage and Damage modifiers (Sword of Just), or Armor Piercing & Life Steal. They could be used for Push/Attract, but again I'll leave that to the players.

I hope this helps.
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A second check for the second effects sounds very accurate smile Never thought about that. Could it be a success if the opponent doesn't get a shield, and only a shield face, in the dice smile that way it would be very effective and reliable but with a single opportunity to be safe with luck.
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Yes exactly, I think it would be best if the effect is successful when unopposed since it's why you would want to use the spell, and not the damage. The second check could even be done based on Critical/Armor if you'd like, I just thought Lock/Dodge would work better for Option 2b since you're rolling for both effects at the same time.
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Well, let's try it to see if it works just like heals do, but just with allies: It doesn't allows rolling defense if the attack comes from an ally.
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