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Portals by TheBlerch (map contest entry)

By June 09, 2014, 09:13:42
Welcome to the Portal Map. Just when you think you've cornered your opponent, he teleports away! And then when you least expect it, he teleports back and begins his assault! When tapped, the portal will take you to the other side of the map near your opponent.

Mechanic: Figures entering a portal space immediately lose 3 MP and are teleported to the other side. Figures without 3 MP lose all MP and receive -MP markers to make up the difference. After teleporting, you may remain on the space to block it (2 figures cannot stand on the same portal), but you cast an invisible/unfazed projection (immune to stain) through the portal which may be attacked.

Restrictions: Each portal has a restriction of 1 use per figure per turn. Summons are not allowed on portals.
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