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Through the Fire and Frost by TheBlerch (map contest entry)

By June 09, 2014, 07:39:39
Welcome to the Fire and Frost map. Fires can be started on 4 trees, and put out with water. Fire deals damage, and provides a smoke screen which reduces lines of sight.

Mechanic, Fire: 4 of the trees are flammable. Attack one of these using a fire spell, and it will burst in to flame (turn tree upside down)! Burning trees remain so until attacked with a water spell (turn back to normal). Trees that are on fire maintain a square area of effect which deals 1 fire damage (no roll for critical) to any figure or mob token (unless they have resistance) that moves onto or begins their turn on these spaces. In the square fire area, smoke is generated which reduces the range of line of sight spells by 1 per fire square you are targeting through, excluding the fire space you are targeting if that is your target. Casting a spell while standing on one of these spaces automatically reduces your range by 1 for LOS spells.

OPTIONAL RULES (not for contest)

FRIGOST: When using the Frigost expansion, boxes are replaced by ice cubes and may be pushed on the ice. The 4 trees that are flammable will be the ones without leaves. Figures standing in fire have any frozen effects on their card thawed out. Once they step out of the fire, they will refreeze.
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