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The Golden Trench by Gnomercy (map contest entry)

By Gnomercy#4848 June 09, 2014, 07:31:33
This map is based on a creek that has dried up. It must have run through a mountain that was full gold, because there is a lot left over! The stream was very deep, and now that the water is gone, there is a deep trench which is perfect for hiding and collecting kama.

Mechanic: Squares next to the trench block line of sight into and out of the trench. To target the trench using line of sight, a krosmaster must be standing on a purple square. Areas of effect from spells may only cover 1 elevation (normal ground, or trench). This is determined by the space you target.

Moving into the trench costs 1 MP, but moving out costs 2 MP. You can be pushed or pulled into the trench, but not out. The same applies to Kickmaster and Charge.
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