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The River by Gnomercy (map contest entry)

By Gnomercy#4848 June 09, 2014, 07:25:47
Welcome to "The River." You may cross the through the water, but you will become wet and lose AP for doing so. The maximum penalty you may receive from getting wet in the river is -1 AP. Other forms of reducing AP may still apply.

Mechanic: Figures starting their turn in water are -1 AP on that turn. Figures moving through the water on their turn are -1 AP from the moment they enter the water until the start of their next turn. Figures pushed/pulled through the water will be -1 AP on their next turn. Nothing Itty Bitty (tofu, bombs, etc) can remain above water. If it enters, it is immediately KO'd. Bombs do not explode in water. Figures may be pushed or pulled into the water from shore or off the bridge.
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