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New video blog about krosmaster coming January!

By Bothiswack#6874 December 18, 2013, 04:23:47
Hey guys,
Just wanted to give you a heads up, I will be starting a monthly video blog about krosmaster (in English) starting in January 2014!. I will discuss news, tactics, lore/story ect. Hope you will all watch and enjoy! I will keep everyone updated on that situation as I go along.

also shout out to Dnuht! This guy has an awesome blog too (Double Critique!), and he inspired me a lot to do the same thing for USA krosmaster fans. Thanks Dnuht, keep up the great work!

-Dylan "Ichabod" Hernandez.
Your source for krosmaster in USA.
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Great Idea! I'm glad I inspired you smile

I'm waiting January smile 
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I am very interested, please post your links as soon as they are available smile 
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great thing!

keep me informed about it!
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Episode 1 is being worked on, but looks like it will take longer than I planned, most likely won't be ready by end of January. Trying for mid February instead, let's see how it goes.
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