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Columbus, Ohio Season 2/3 Tournament Series

By hipsher614 July 09, 2015, 21:54:57

There's going to be a three month series of Season 2/3 tournaments in Columbus, Ohio at The Soldiery.
Starting on August 5th at 7pm, the first Wednesday night of every month there will be a season 3 tournament. Entry is $10 per person and expect 3-4 hours of game play.
Prizes will vary but for every tournament you compete in, you'll be entered into a drawing for a Dark Vlad Mount and Arthur Bine.
To register, email me at

Here is a list of prizes for each of the tournaments for each month.

Tournament 1: August 5th
4th Place: Harpoon Turret
3rd Place: Tricky Trap and TacTurret
2nd Place: Red Egg and Palm Tree
1st Place: Palm Tree, Prespic and Arthur Bine

Tournament 2: September 2nd
4th Place: Harpoon Turret
3rd Place: Tricky Trap and TacTurret
2nd Place: Idol and Green Egg
1st Place: Idol, Crackler and Young Ogrist

Tournament 3: October 7th
4th Place: Lifesaver
3rd Place: Living Shovel and Grey Egg
2nd Place: Coconut, Raft and Blue Egg
1st Place: Pink Dragounne, Raft and Yugo Unleashed

All Participants get an Alternate Art Card and a red or gray die.

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if only that wasn't on Wednesdays sad 

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Our Michigan group would come down once every other week if it was hosted on weekends. Can't do weekdays though.

Hopefully we can play with you guys again soon, the great lakes challenge was a blast! :-)

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