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[Chicago] Season 1 Farewell Tournament July 5th

By Urza June 27, 2014, 04:57:49
The Chicago Clubhouse
1627 N Waukegan Rd
Glenview, IL

Saturday, July 5th

Entry fee: $10-15 (only $15 if fewer than eight players enter)

Tournament Format:
Season 1 Minis Only, Season 1 Rules

This means in addition to Klor Ofil, all Season 2 minis are banned for this event. Please see the official tournament rules PDF if you have any questions about the legality of your team. In short, the base game, all minis in Season 1 window boxes (except Klor Ofil), all the promos from the first Kickstarter campaign, the Duel Pack, the Multiman pack, Count Frigost, and Count Harebourg are all legal. Season 2 minis and all promos listed as being part of Season 2 join Klor Ofil on the banned list for this event.

Prize Support:
We have Prize Kit 1 for support. This breaks down to...
Top 8: 5x metal kamas each
Top 4: Amalia
Top 3: 1x Resin Tofu Token
First Place: Resin Gobbal Token

We need only half as many boards as players, so if you have the base game, try to bring a friend!

Also, if you can make it, please RSVP either here or on the Chicago Area Krosmaster Players Google Plus group. This isn't required, but it will help the venue plan the logistics of the event when the day comes.

EDIT: Unfortunately, the tournament failed to fire due to multiple people cancelling at the last minute. We're going to try again on July 26th, same day of the week, same time, same prize kit, same entry fee, same place. Odds are the new event will be completely ordinary with Season 2 rules and models, however. I'll be talking to some of the regulars in the community to gauge opinion on that and posting the new event by Wednesday this coming week.
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